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A virulently melodic Acoustic Rock band spanning the music spectrum from danceable power pop to Neil Young ROCK! You will definately enjoy the diversity and su
Scholarship is the brainchild of Morgan Ross, a BC, Canada native. All work was written between 2003-2004 by Morgan, recorded at the Hive Studio in Vancouver Summer, 2004. Since recording, Gavin Soo and Tanner Alden have been added as keyboardists and bassists respectively. Daylight for optimism, Scholarship's first release is an impressive collaboration ranging from the whitty power pop song, Cinderella has nothing on you("Cinderella has nothing on you, I never had to find your shoe")to the Neil Youngish Rock song, Turn your televisions off. Check out this up and coming band of young studs today!
Band/artist history
Scholarship is the livelyhood and project of Morgan Ross. All songs were composed by him through 2003-2004, only about 2 years after he first started playing guitar. Deciding which songs to record for Scholarship's freshman release, Daylight for optimism was difficult. A short list of 25 songs was derived from a collection of almost 80 finished songs. The band finally recorded 15 songs, 10 of which were put on the album.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live shows in Vancouver, Prince George and surrounding areas, which is always fun and interesting.
Your musical influences
Influences are tricky, for whatever comes out of you with a guitar is your own. I would like to think that my music is unique, but influences, yes, do exist. The Winnipeg, Manitoba band, The Weakerthans influenced me a lot, as well as someone like Elliot Smith. Everything has influenced me.
What equipment do you use?
I keep it fairly simple, my beautiful Epiphone SG Elite, my Roland 100w amp, and of course my electric acoustic.
Anything else?
Melody and catchyness is important and virulent throughout the new album. If you enjoy melody, substance and something which you wont mind getting stuck in your head, check out some of our mp3s!
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