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Scissor Shock
Scissor Shock
47 Tracks
Scissor Shock is noisey jazzy digital drum raping. The songs start, stop, herk, jerk, sway, shimmy, and explode all in the course of a few seconds. Noisey disto
THIS IS ALL FULL OF OLD SONGS! CHECK OUT THE MYSPACE PAGE INSTEAD! www.myspace.com/scissorshock !!!!!!!!! www.geocities.com/scissor_shock/ www.myspace.com/scissorshock Scissor Shock is noisey jazzy digital drum raping. The songs start, stop, herk, jerk, sway, shimmy, and explode all in the course of a few seconds. Noisey distorted guitars collide with up to 20 different drum patterns playing at the same time with screaming overtop. Masterfully produced, the quiet parts give way to the dynamic explosion of the loud parts. Scissor Shock has come to behead the newest techno aristocracy.
Band/artist history
I'll take yo cookies.
Your musical influences
400 blows, a trillion barnacle lapse, acid mothers temple, advantage (the), agoraphobic nosebleed, alec empire, animal collective, antipop consortium, arab on radar, at the drive-in, atari teenage riot, athenian mercury, atom and his package, babyland, big black, bill orcutt, black eyes, bloodthirsty butchers, boredoms, boris, botch, brainbombs, brainiac, bride of no no, butthole surfers, cali gari, camera obscura, cannibal ox, captain beefheart, causey way, charles bronson, child pornography, chinese stars, chrome, circle takes the square, clouddead, cobra kai, computer cougar, coachwhips, coalesce, coathanger '84, cock esp, company flow, converge, crom-tech, deerhoof, deftones, despise you, DEVO, dismemberment plan (the), dj rotting corpse, don caballero, dracula does calculus, dragbody, drive like jehu, ex-models, ex-girl, experimental dental school, fantomas, flying luttenbachers, forcefed glass, f.y.p, gang of four, god is my co-pilot, guitar wolf, guns n' roses, hair police, half japanese, hanatarash, hella, henry's dress, hot snakes, hum, ikara colt, ink and dagger, isis, jesus lizard, kid606, kill me tomorrow, kindergarten hazing ritual, knifehandchop, kraftwerk, lake of dracula, le shok, les savy fav, liars, lightning bolt, lost sounds, mad capsule markets, masonna, mastodon, mclusky, melt-banana, merzbow, metronome, miracle chosuke, mocket, morrissey, motocompo, mr bungle, my bloody valentine, naked city, nation of ulysses, need new body, neon hunk, neutral milk hotel, number girl, numbers, nurse with wound, officer may, omoide hatoba, oneida, ooioo, orthrelm, painkiller, passenger of shit, pavement, pink and brown, pixies, placebo, polysics, q and not u, racebannon, radio 4, rah bras, ranger raccoon, rapeman, refused, robad pills, rocket from the crypt, rovo, ruinhorse, scissor girls, scissor shock, screamers (the), secret chiefs 3, servotron, shellac, sick lipstick, silver apples, shakhauchi surprise, six finger satellite, slint, slowdive, smiths (the), sonic youth, space streakings, spoozys, squarepusher, stagedive suicide, stylex, sun city girls, sunny day real estate, super junky monkey, sushi smash, swans, ted leo, television, thee michelle gun elephant, themselves, thunderbirds are now!, to live and shave in la, tora! tora! torrance!, turbonegro, twodeadsluts onegoodfuck, u.s. maple, ufo or die, ugly casanova, unicorns, usaisamonster, venetian snares, vicious hairy mary, violent onsen geisha, violent ramp, vss (the), wesley willis, whirlwind heat, whitehouse, wolf eyes, xbxrx, xerobot, xiu xiu, yaphet kotto, zazen boys, zoobombs
What equipment do you use?
a cheap computer mic, a headset mic for vocals, black Fender ripoff $50 guitar (with an "I LOVE MILK" sticker on it), an amazing distortion amp which was made by Fender that I got sixth-hand for about $20, lots of keyboards (a few Casio keyboards, mostly cheap toy keyboards) including one that I use a LOT that I just found a few months ago after it being missing in my house for about 11 years, various pedals, some 8-bitting, and... of course... a drum machine.
Anything else?
All dead.
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