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Band/artist history
too long of a history to talk about just know that its Krookid Smile for life n its still Krayzd forever oh yeah one more thing.......NCOFUKU......unscramble it n figure it out
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah. All over. The Shelter in Detroit, St Andrews Hall...Emerald Theatre, Clutch Cargos just to name a few places ive played locally among other places. Probally one of the biggest moment for me wasnt even a performance it was presenting "TheNieghborhoodShittalka" DICE with the lifetime achievment award at the Detroit Hip Hop Awards with POI,a couple months ago when he beat out Esham and Jack Frost for the honor
Your musical influences
influences? hmmmm yeah my influence is the killa in my mind that composes these mad rhymes
Anything else?
Mad love to all my dawgz... Illa Noize, POI, Krisis, Loco, Captain Murdr, WCI, "TheNieghborhoodShittalka"Dice, Timmy Two Tymes and Off The Mile, HB, Mr.Gritty, Profit, Purpose, Slim Koroma, Grim Reality, LNGz, Killa Taktix, T Boom,Gridlock, the Sandz,my homie Swift ,Krookid Smile Ent., 734 ta tha 313 Productions, Murder City Productions,Too Tuff Productions , Big Head Records, 3rd Rail Records, Origix and DC at 89.3 fm WHFR the Zone,my homie Arc Angel from IWL wrestling outta Cali,my homie Cap N1ne reppin up in Canada, Trouble(of Rydas Records and Faceless Ent.)Backstab the Kingpin, DetroitRap.com, Acidrap.com , and Ill even show some love to Clear Channel Productions and Bill at Mama Productions for puttin us on those show.To all the fans that have come to shows n showed love to me, Krayzd, POI, Mr. Gritty, WCI and the entire Krookid Smile/734 ta tha 313 family and also showed love to the Murder City family....Thank yall very much. To n-e one I forgot, sorry my bad.