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Fresh straight ahead rock. It's powerful, melodic, fun, moody and punk depending on what song you're listening to.
But it's all THE NEAL.
Friend me on MySpace here: www.myspace.com/bfdneal I write and perform all music and lyrics, with the exception of the drums,which are either live,machine,or samples. Most of the recording and producing is done at my home studio. Most of my time is spent between L.A. and San Francisco and some of the talented artist I've had the honor of sharing the stage and playing with are: Slash from Guns 'n Roses/Velvet Revolver, Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters, Randy Castillo & Phil Soussan from 0zzy Osbourne, blues great Paul Butterfield,Bobby Vega(Sly Stone,Santana),and Greg Anton(John Lee Hooker,Zero). Past recordings include: Tara Sol(L.A.), Brantley Kerns(Dwight Yokum),Seanna Fisher(L.A.),Mama Iguana, Leo Fox, and others. The firery collaboration with Tara Sol got us to the top 50 finalist spot for the Annual Grammy Songwriting competition. I'm always ready to donate my time and energy to a good cause, past benefit concerts I've performed for include: the L.A. Weekly sponsered benefit for the Elizebeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation at Dragonfly in Hollywood. And a performance at a city wide street fair against crime in front of the Rampart Police Station (isn't it ironic?) with Jerome from The Time. In 1998 I toured with Angelique (Red Ant) as support talent on her American tour. In 2003 I scored 2 independent film shorts for fatfilmz.com and currently I'm working on new film projects. In 2004 I moved back to the Bay Area and this year marks the debut of my solo effort, check out my new tunes on the 'music' page. Also in '04, some 'Neal' tracks were used in the erotic thriller 'Hot Blood, part III'. The book version is available nation-wide in major chains and the director is working on getting this film picked up by a major cable network. My projects 2006-2009: 'NTL' - Guitar/Vocals - live shows in the Bay Area -2008 Co-Writer American Idol Songwriting contest: 'I Wanna Get High' with Oliver Voigt 2008 'Anywhere But Here' - Session guitarist for the 'Urbanica' album 2007 Caroline Lund - Studio Bassist & Guitarist for 'Stand by me' Tony Turbo - Studio guitarist for 'Get the Motor In' Leo Frappier - Producer/Artist - Studio guitarist for 'Saturday Night's Alright for Fightin', 'Philadelphia Freedom', 'Unbeleivable' ****Leo's project 'Outside Sunset' just signed to Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto label as of 10/08 'Tell Me Now' was picked for the soundtrack to 'Finding Bliss' starring LeeLee Sobieski, DonnaMarie Recco and Denise Richards and debuts in 2009. I am very interested in feedback from everyone. Please leave a message on my message board, make it your own bathroom wall! Thanks!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played in L.A. at The Roxy, The Whiskey, The Gig, Martini Lounge, The Key Club, a couple of street fairs, and various other clubs. Isla Vista in Santa Barbara was fun ! I've recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and I'm checkin out the scene for ripe spots to perform.
Your musical influences
For me it's all about the guitars and melody. I love the music that came out in the 70's, it had so much emotion,honesty, and infectious melody. My favorite songwriters are Roy Orbison, Elton John, and Don Henley, but there's so much to music and so many different styles that are cool in their own way, that it's hard to stick to one instrument or style. If you're into Lenny Kravitz,Jamiroquoi,or Neo-Soul you gotta check out Shuggie Otis, California's unsung musical genius circa 1970. He's the original author of 'Strawberry Letter 23' made famous by Brothers Johnson in the 70's. Shuggie plays all the instuments and his first album came out when he was 16. Guest drummer includes Ansley Dunbar (Bowie,Lennon,Journey,Lou Reed,Whitesnake). He's gaining popularity now and 2 more of his discontinued records were just released in '03...check him out!
What equipment do you use?
I prefer 70's Les Pauls and Strats through a Mesa Boogie or old 50watt Marshall, currently I'm using an Ampeg 2x12 guitar amp that kicks butt. For keyboards, Korg has the most musical sounds. And for bass tone, in just about any style, you can't miss with a Fender P-Bass.
Anything else?
I write anything from R&B/Funk to Trance and Acoustic music as well, and I'm focused on placing music in movies/Tv. I've got music on a couple independent films in L.A. and I'm looking to expand more on that. Feel free to contact me if you've got a project that needs music. I especially like working with really talented people that are doing something new, whacky, or just plain hilarious. ***stay tuned for more MP3's at this site*** Thanks for listening.
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