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No Kill I Deep Space Nine
No Kill I Deep Space Nine
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Star Trek punk rock!!!! Second spin-off of No Kill I. As seen in Trekkies 2.
Boldly Going
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Vulcan Mind-Meld
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The Insolent Fan Boy
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Boy, That Morn Can Sing!
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Vulcan Mind-Meld (Unplugged)
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Star Trek Punk Rock!!!! Second spin-off of The sacramento Star Trek punk band, "No Kill I". Check us out in the documentary "Trekkies 2", now available on DVD!!!
Band/artist history
Formed by members of the V-Town Have-Nots of Vallejo, CA. No Kill I: DS9 is the second spin-off of the Star Trek punk rock band "No Kill I" of Sacramento, CA. There is also "No Kill I: The Next Generation". The original NKI has been playing around the Sacto area for over a decade. NKI:TNG was formed several years ago to open up for NKI once. Then we formed NKI:DS9 to play with the other two NKI's and a Klingon metal band from Oregon called "Stovokor" in July of 2003 at the Capital Garage in Sacto. This show was filmed for the movie "Trekkies 2", which is a sequel to the 1997 documentary "Trekkies" by Roger Nygard. Mike saw the original "Trekkies" movie back in 1997 (he and his friend Jason, and girlfriend Shannon were the only 3 people in the theater for the one and only showing of this film in their hometown of Vallejo, CA.) and LOVED it!!! He has seen it dozens of times and it remains one of his all time favorite movies to this day. Jamie liked it, too. The V-Town Have-Nots had already recorded two songs about Star Trek that appeared on thier DIY CD, "Self-Untitled". Mike had happened upon "No Kill I" on the internet while doing a search on the term "Star Trek Punk". Both he and Dave of NKI had e-mailed Roger Nygard regarding "Trekkies". When it came time to make Trekkies 2, we all wanted to perform for it. So the V-Town Have-Nots became NKI:DS9 (JAmie and Mike are Big DS9 fans)for that show, played our 2 trek songs, along with a short acoustic set (including a song about Morn!), and the rest is history...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Once. And the show was filmed for Trekkies 2. It was in Sacramento at the Capitol Garage. I liked it. The whole thing was one giant special moment.
Your musical influences
No Kill I, NKI:TNG, Wierd Al Yankovic, Leslie Fish, The Great Luke Ski, Dr. Demento, Stovokor, Terry McGovern, Ira Steven Behr, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Michael Okuda, Gene Roddenberry, Vic Fontaine (aka James Darren)...
What equipment do you use?
behringer bass head, crate guitar amp, epiphone explorer bass guitar, samick electric guitar, mr8 digital recorder, AKG mics and headphones, any kind of picks, ernie ball bass strings, ummm what else......
Anything else?
Live long and prosper!!!!
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