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Several lads playing typical rock-n-roll instruments, untypically. Accidentally listenable, jazz rock to inter-planetary improv.
ELECTRIC MANGO - 'Hammin' It Up' 5-7-11
ELECTRIC MANGO started in late 2003. We are like a rocky thorn in the side of the otherwise latin, hiphop & reggaeton music scenes in Miami. We're a live mostly instrumental rock jazz fusion jam band which will occasionally switch into metal overdrive... Current line-up is Stan Kebel Jr.: on guitar, guitarsynth, vocals, drums, bass, keys, Frank Milone: on bass, Rafi Bordenave: on keys, bass, guitar, vocals, Jeff Chevy: on drums, djembe, steel drum, bass, guitar, PXR4 recording sessions, cameras & strange un-human noises, Fred "Captain Asparagus" Spacey: on vocals, drums & one-finger bass. We sometimes have added ear pain like... "Electric Danny" Rivero: on bass, ravioli with meatballs & occasional drums, Paranoid Phil: on drums, guitar, bass & occasional vocals, Larry Langner: on bass, drums & occasional guitar, The Amazing Sid (you must NOT know!): on drums, "Commie Dave" (protection from Bush enforcement): on guitar & violin, Larry Lee: on bass, Jay T: on vocals, Michael Marko: on drums, vocals & guitar, Jessie Schlactman: on bass & JB: on bass, Franklin Howay (self-proclaimed best drummer in South Florida. "Listen! Listen! 5/16ths, OK?"): on drums, Bill "Mac Rules!" Duncan: on guitar & bass, Ed Garcia (toured with The Supremes & The Temptations): on drums, "Lucky Danny Bubbles" Garcia on drums, Rob Collins on drums & Vic Vidana on bass & vocals.
Band/artist history
It's been like 5 years. Started in late 2003 with Stan, Phil & Sid, then in 2004 & 2005, Larry, JB, Jeff, Fred, ElectricDanny & in late 2007, Frank, early 2008, Rafy. On Fridays, it could be Stan, Frank & Jeff. On Saturdays, we add Fred & Rafy. Occasional musical guest appearances as well.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Barely alive sometimes! Sometimes we are half-dead &/or asleep...but still playing.
Your musical influences
I am partial to guitars what with being a guitarist & all. Frank Zeppelin, Fred Zeppelin, Led Zappa, Black Snake, White Sabbath...Blue Floyd, Pink Oyster Cult. HA! We don't exactly take ourselves seriously, but we have our moments. Glorious moments when we sound as one force, beautifully ascending into shear ecstatic awesomeness & channeling that force further descending into a multitude of madness. Occasional sweet endings. Lotsa improv goin on here. We are all usually heavily medicated, some of us actually have preskriptions...medicated fusion rock improv leaking out for all the medicated minds to melt together with, into a net of note-worthy neurons & loud electrons. Ceasar salad with croutons! A slice of Electric Mango...
What equipment do you use?
Actually, we're pretty raw, so far...these recordings are live to 2-track & not multi-tracked. We use a JMP Marshall 50 watt tube amp with a Marshall 4/12 half stack & a "Bad Horsie" Morley Wah, Digitech RP-1, 3 Crate amps (1 is a 4/12 half stack) that for some reason still works (when the Marshall takes a shit), a Fender Strat & a Brian Moore 8.13 synthguitar loaded with Seymour Duncans, Roland GR-30, Pearl drums, Peavey Bass Amp, 2/15's Cabs, Aria 5-string, 3 four stringers & a nameless fretless bass + Frank has a really nice Fender & Rickenbacker 4 stringers, Ross PA, Fostex 2440 mixer, Shure 58's for live vox, A/T condensers for the overheads, blah, blah, G4 Dual Mac & ProTools. Is that all? Oh yeah! Stan uses orange medium Tortex picks...write that down.
Anything else?
What? You're still readin' this shit? GO LISTEN!...THEN... To hear more of Stan Kebel Jr., Paranoid Phil, Danny Rivero, Fred Spacey, Jeff Chevy, Rafi Bordenave or Danny Garcia (drummer in the video), please click on these SoundClick artists: PXR4 SESSIONS GUITORMENTOR ORANGE ROOM ANCIENT INFANT
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