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Steve Davis (US)
Steve Davis (US)
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) : My profession is computers (programming) but my passion is music. I'm a closet musician (play guitar & sing) not publicly, just for my own enjoyment. I have my own crude (inexpensive) home PC recording studio of which I use to record and produce my music. Recently I started collaborating with my brother in-law, Harry Lockwood, who writes all the song lyrics, emails them to me and then I put them to music. IM might be our future... : As Chief Lyrics Officer (CLO) for the Stephen Davis Project, I collaborate with Steve via e-mail and telephone to bring these songs to life. Most of these songs are extrapolations on personal experiences and thoughts, because I'm not exactly living on the edge these days. : My profession wall-papering offices with trend charts. On Sundays, I perform with our Church's Praise band. Background, majored in Low Brass Performance, failed an audition for the United States Marine Band (believe me, that's a tough gig to get) and decided to get a degree that I could make some money with. Currently have a project studio complete with grand piano, drumset, keyboards. Influences include keyboardists Wakeman and Lord, any salsa sounding horn group and of course Yanni. - /, , , , , - /, , , , - /, , , - /, , , - /, , , - /, , , , - /, , , -
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The Beatles, Squeeze