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Lola Spriggs
Lola Spriggs
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Compelling and passionate vocals from one of Canada's top female vocalists, Lola Spriggs. New CD "Shine" featuring Lola's latest hits "Nobody But You" and "You
The buzz I'm hearing suggests that I'm one of Canada's hottest female vocalists. I find this interesting cause I've been around and back again through the club circuit in Ontario and Quebec Canada, and spent half of my life in studio. Playing my own stuff....high-energy sensuous electrifying original numbers. I'm very passionate in my live performance. I get deeply entranced in the heart of each song, and the audience can feel the emotion flow. I love to sing....it is the core of my existence. I can really express myself in my music. It's what drive me, my life passion.
Band/artist history
I'm a native Montrealer but am based in Ottawa Canada now. I guess my passion for singing was inspired by my Uncle Engelbert at a very young age. I was quite impressed with all of his albums, and I used to listen to them all the time (and I still have them). I actually started my musical career doing live musical improv at a small upbeat club in downtown Ottawa Canada, which led to a musical comedy mini-series on the local TV station, and a bunch of radio jingles. Since then, I've acquired extensive experience in studio and headline performances at venues across Ontario and Quebec. I played in a bunch of bands, such as Rough Edges, Centerfold, Brass Monkey, Great Aunt Alice, The Republic, Split Image, and 3DB Down. We did openings for some pretty big acts such as The Pursuit of Happiness, Parachute Club, and Rock and Hyde. My radio hits include The Hammer, The Look, Out of my Hands, Woman of the World, and Here to Stay, which all received airplay on the local stations here in Ottawa Canada. We got a lot of air play with Draggin Fly from the Lifescrapes CD, and did really well on the international charts in 2005. I'm really please about that. Heaven't Way from my Barefoot CD did fantastically well in the Japanese market and southern USA. Got some descent air play here in Canada too. My EP "Expressed" released in early 2004 hit #23 on the local top 40 album indie charts in April of 2004, and "Lifescrapes" got huge ratings. We even placed higher that U2 in one US state mid year, and the Ottawa Citizen gave us more "stars" than the Stones latest release "Bigger Bang". "Barefoot" was out in the spring of 2008. It also provides good visibility of the richness of my voice, which is award winning by the way. I've expanded my style with my 2010 single "Nobody But You". It was written by internationally acclaimed writer/producer Marcus Kane. Rane Parish did the vocal arrangements. They were both fantastic to work with. "Nobody But You" landed at bullet #11 on the US ACQB Adult Contemporary charts, and received a nomination for the Hollywood Music Awards that year. In late 2011 I released my current single "Your One and Only" from my current CD "Shine", which landed at bullet #13 on the US ACQB Adult Contemporary charts, so things are going quite well for Lola Spriggs at the moment. They say I am one tough lady that delivers a musical punch with passion, feeling, energy, and vocals to kill. I think you'll agree !!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've done the club circuit, spending endless weeks on the road. We played every weekend, and many weeknights. We took some time off to focus on the recording of Lifescrapes which was released in early 2005. We kicked off the 2005 schedule with our official Canadian release at the nation's capital Congress Center. From there we played around Canadian towns. Only did limited live performances with Barefoot cause we immediately jumped back into studio to start working on some pretty exciting new material. One of my most memorable moments was jumping up & down in stilletto heels, and getting them stuck in the stage floor! I also knocked my bass player off the stage once, cause he didn't know I was going to jump onto his back and he wasn't ready - I caught him off guard. Guess I'm just too full of energy and heaps of surprises when I get on stage. At the moment we're lining up the summer/full schedule, and rehearsing like madmen.
Your musical influences
Everyone from Aretha to Zepplin. I've sung them all doing the club circuit when I used to perform covers - didn't we all at some point...? I have to say that Janis is my greatest influence, and Steve Tyler would be second, but I love em all. Nina Simone, Sheryl Crow, Anita Baker, Micky baby (Stones), Bryan Adams, Bonnie Raitt. I could go on for days.
What equipment do you use?
Just a mic....you Beta be Shure...58 that is.
Anything else?
Yep. My current CD "Shine" is available to purchase / downloaded at any of your favourite online music stores, such as iTunes, Napster, Puretracks, Amazon, Indigo, and many more.
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