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Orchestrated Faith Foundation
Orchestrated Faith Foundation
1 Track
Brooding orchesteral string arrangements laced with hauntingly beautiful electro beats.
Act II
Peak in sub-genre #27
Originally formed under the guise of the Soundtrack Killers. Orchestrated Faith Foundation envelopes classical, Symphonic, chamber and electro music.
Band/artist history
Within 3 months of learning the keyboards (Self-tought) I opened up for one of my idols, Eva O (Formerly w/ Shadow Project, Christian Death etc.)I continued to play for several years under the guise of The Soundtrack Killers, where I played solo instrumental concerts. In 2001 I was signed to Fulgur Music Records. A label based out of Italy and New York. I recorded under the name Kamiatherapy with label owner / operatic vocalist Miles Faber. The relationship was short lived once production was under way. Faber was trying to get too electronic with my string arrangements. Killing the natural sounds with too many effects and burying the arrangements under equally over distorted vocals. Needless to say... the relationship will short lived. After a brief hiatus to regroup emotionally, I am back and ready to embark on another journey.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Currently Orchestrated Faith Foundation is a studio project. I have a few very special and talented musicians in mind for vocals and drum programming. I would love to perform live with the project. We just have to wait and see 'til it all comes together.
Your musical influences
Many musical influences of many genres, to which I believe non are obvious through my work.