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100,000 bodybags
100,000 bodybags
4 Tracks
Taking punk rock into the 21st century. Just check it out, you may like it you may not, we don't really care to be honest
Wellllll.....what can I say? The band are a four piece now after the inclusion of "mad" Anthony Gingell on guitar. Playing Punk music to the masses (well, the 30 or so that turn up to our gigs anyhoo) Buy the CD because it's only 4 squid and it's great! No honest it is!
Band/artist history
Background: The BodyBags have been playing nationwide since 1993. With several singles and an 11-track CD released on Indie labels, they are waiting for that big break. The Bags write about the everyday anxieties of the modern age. The biting wit of 'Problem' with it's Dennis Hooper cop gone troppo. The gently-mocking '(I wanna die) Like a Rockstar' that portrays the egotistical rock star's most flamboyant, and sadly romantacised, demise. There is a new five-track CD Mini-Album due for release.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live as often as possible, although new guitarist Tony has been learning about 5 years worth of songs so it's been more rehearsing than gigging at the moment. We love playing live, and there's many special moments too numerous to mention, although one that springs to mind is supporting Steve Ignorant from Crass in his new band Scwwarzeneggar and having him tell us how much he liked the stuff....I mean WOW! Steve Ignorant!!
Your musical influences
Our influences Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, Crass, Ministry, XTC, Mumia Abu Jamal, Fugazi, Crucifucks
Anything else?
Any bands who want to swop CD's or tapes, drop us a line. Oh yeah, and DON'T subscribe to a world government, we're headed that way with five corporations controlling all the worlds money and power, stay alert, be paranoid EVERYONE is out to get you!
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