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Bon Jovi-TURBO
Bon Jovi-TURBO
1 Track
Arena Rock, Malice Pooper, Turbo, Guitars, poop, blood, screaming, toilets, etc.
Shittin or Poopin
Peak in sub-genre #13
"Bon Jovi turbo is a band, a band based on a plan, a PLAN of a BAND. With thick wailing guitar and deep rhythymic bass riffs, solid drum performance, thought-provoking lyrics sung by an amazing vocalist(Malice Pooper), and some of the most talented back up musicians of all time, Bon Jovi Turbo brings a more than impressive resume to the table. If any group of musicians can bring back the glory, that once stood hand in hand with Arena rock, that group will be Bon Jovi Turbo" -Guy LeCre of Twisted Spine Magazine
Band/artist history
First off the members of the band are as follows: Vocals - Malice K. Pooper Drums - Old Sideshow Young Lead Guitar - Steve "The Beave" Karl Bass - Sheila Pooper Keys - Hannah Klingman And we always have other Musicians on tour with us, most notable of which is Johnny Rang the master of flutes. The history so far: "In 1971 I was finishing my degree in Botswanian Geography at Trenton Community college in New Jersey, I went out to celebrate completion of final testing with a rugged group of my friends at a local Biker bar. We came in around 8 and drank JD for 2 hours straight around 10 o'clock a band called Jack Rabbit Deluxe took the stage and played some instrumental rock classics. Well with all the sweet Tenessee blend in my belly that night I got up on stage and started singing along with this group of strangers. Little did I know, that night I would meet my best friends for life and my future wife Sheila. After the bar closed Figero Neumann invited me to his place to have some beers with the group. They let me crash their that night. The next morning I awoke to the band jamming. I joined in right then and there, hung over as I was. We created some of our first hits that day, "Love Fucker" and "Dogpiss" among the most notable. I graduated from Trenton Community College the next friday and we immediatley went on the road. In between '72 and '79 we released a series of mildly succesful albums. Along the way, at our tour stop in San Francisco in '76, we met the great Hannah Klingman, after we accidently stumbled into a dyke bar, we jammed with her and she came on tour with us as our Keyboardist. In '79 I began a terrible love affair with Heroin, and in 1980 I left the band and "pursued" my solo career for almost 23 years. In 2003 after attending rehab for 2 years straight. I contacted everyone and got together with them in Topeka, Kansas. Well we ended up jamming, and here we are today. With a new live recording and a studio album on the way. Things are looking better than ever before, and I thank god for knowing these people." Malice K. Pooper
Have you performed in front of an audience?
"Yes.All across the nation. Make sure to check out our nation wide tour of county fairs this summer, And be on the look out for our live album from the New Jersey State Fair 2004. As far as special moments on stage, there was one point in 79' when MP(Malice Pooper) puked up a pool of blood on stage and took a shit in it. That got the crowd going. - Hannah Klingman (Keyboardist)
Your musical influences
Led Zepplin, Steppenwolf, Def Lepard,
What equipment do you use?