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Article 57
Punk-and ska
3 songs
14.6K plays
So Long
Catchy Ska Song that you will enjoy!!
Hearing Aid
fast And fun song with a nice intro
American apathy
catchy punk song
"holy shit, it's article... wait... article who?"
Band/artist history
Article 57 consists of four members. They've been together since March of 2000. They started out when Eric and Adam were in another band. That band wasn't working out at all. So Adam and Eric were left looking for new bandmates. They then thought about a kid that they go to school with, Mark Anzelc, who played guitar and had a drummer but was looking for new bandmates also. So Mark and his drummer, Brian C'molich, joined with Adam and Eric for the birth of Article 57. They played a few local shows around the Plainfield/Joliet area. Then Brian had some personal things going on and decided to part with Article 57 after only four months. So A-57 was left with two guitars, a bass, and no drummer. Then Rick Vega who was in another local band, Keep Away From Julie, offered to drum for us. The only thing was that he wasn't a drummer. Rick played guitar for Keep Away, but we tried him out anyway and he ended up being a pretty decent drummer. So Rick then joined Article 57 and they were complete again. Then in October of 2000 Article 57 thought they would get a new addition to the band. They got a trumpet player, Mike Callahan. He played in about 5 or 6 of Article's songs. In November of 2000 Article 57 recorded their first full length CD, "Time For Change" They recorded with Jeff Roos of Martian Studios. They recorded 15 songs in two days. They did all the artwork and design of the inserts themselves. They pressed about 300 copies of that CD and it is now currently out of stock. In March of 2001 Mike, the trumpet player left the band so they were back down to a four-piece, Eric, Rick, Adam, and Mark. They spent about the next year playing shows around Illinois and writing new songs to play for the fans. In December of 2001 the band had enough songs to go back to the studio, but they didn't have the money. So they had to start saving up and by February 2002 they had the money to record. So they went to Bomshelter Chicago Studios and recorded with Mr. Dan Precision. They recorded 12 songs in a little more than five days. This recording came out great. It became their second full-length release, "Nothing To Lose" A friend of Article 57's Joe Sowinski, drummer of the Evil Us's, drew up the cover art for the CD. And Adam and Eric put all the graphics together and designed the rest of the insert. They have gotten 1000 copies of this CD pressed and still have some in stock. After the release of "Nothing To Lose" Article 57 has been going strong and playing as many shows as they can get. They hope for many more releases and shows in the future.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, we play live all the time, we'll play anywhere, in your garage, on a stage at a venue, an american legion all, a basement, your mom's bed room... ect... we love it! esepecially when you love it, lots of special moments, pretty much at ever show, it's great.
Your musical influences
anti-flag, against all authority, the code, choking victim, operation ivy, one man army, social distortion, bouncing souls, catch 22... this list could go on forever
What equipment do you use?
we use instraments
Anything else?
you purchase are cd at www.interpunk.com
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