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Rocksteady Crew MC Artson's new album Save the world pt. 2 This is not your average hip hop or rap album. From spoken word to that old boom bap Artson has rocke
Rocksteady Crew's "Artson" debuts with Planet Asia, Tash, Q-Unique, Wildchild, and Craig G. What do Planet Asia, Wildchild, Tash, Craig G, and Q-Unique all have in common? They have all recently made guest appearances on Rocksteady Crew MC Artson's new album "Save the world pt. 2" This is not your average hip hop or rap album. From spoken word to that old boom bap Artson has rocked the mic, the floor, and the yard.. "Music, Poetry, & Art / you know the name / Artson came to rock from the soul" Endangered Species
Band/artist history
-- When people first heard Artson they didn't know what to think. It was like Hip Hop meets spoken word with a Latino - Native American twist. And if that wasn't enough, guest appearances by artist like Tash, Planet Asia, and Craig G have made this album really something to talk about. The street buzz on "Save the World pt.2" has begun to shake the industry up from New York to LA. Rocksteady Crew member Artson is quickly making a name for himself in the Hip Hop scene. Well, selling over 15,000 CDs in the streets on a 3 month out the trunk mission might just have something to do with it. This MC is a true B-boy that has rocked the mic, floor, and the yard. Artson was born and raised in the city of El Paso, Texas. Growing up in a border town surrounded by crime, high unemployment, and poverty, nothing came easy. In need of an outlet of self-expression and having a love for hip hop, and rap music, he began his mission. Artsons' love with Hip Hop started at a young age. He was first introduced to the culture in the early 80s B-Boying (break dancing) with his peers in the streets and for competition. Always changing with the times and a true student of Hip Hop, Artson is now a member of the world Famous Rocksteady Crew. He started writing poetry and rhymes (raps) at the age of 14 for the fun, local fame and self respect. Through the years with hard work and dedication his life has set a path for Artson to shine. The Album "Save the World pt. 2," bends and twists beats in refreshing new directions. The music and sounds of "Save the World" not only has the energy of artists such as Floetry and Outkast but also has the new school edgy feel of Kanye West, Baby Bash, and Eminem. This album truly has a soul and life of its own. From raw, hip hop, to jazzy, soulful, melodic tracks Artson truly has something for everyone. With guest appearances by Planet Asia, Tash of the Alkaholiks, Wildchild, The legendary Craig G, and Q -Unique formerly of the Arsonist Save The World delivers an all star universal line up of artists ranging from the East to West Coast. PLANET ASIA With one EP, Planet Asia established himself as one of the more noteworthy West Coast rappers. Entitled simply "The Planet Asia EP". The Source Magazine also named him First Round Draft Pick and gave him their Independent Album of the Year award for How Was the West Was Won in 2000. He was even nominated for a 2002 Grammy Award for his collaboration with hip-hop diva Mystic on W. Planet Asia's collaborations have included everyone from Black Thought of The Roots, BT, the Dub Pistols, Talib Kweli, to Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan. His versatile skills on the mic resulted in a collaboration with the multi-platinum selling rock group Linkin Park on their hugely successful Re-Animation LP. Now in the studio with Alchemist and Evidence Planet Asia is preparing to release what may be his best work to date. TASH West Coast rapper Tash of the LIKS (Tha Alkaholiks) born Rico Smith in Columbus, OH, is best known for bringing the party to life with hits like "Make Room", "Daaam!" and "Likwit". Tha Liks have been one of the most successful and influential hip hop artists over the last decade and have been a constant fixture in both the commercial and underground rap scene worldwide. As a protégé of King Tee and Ice T, in 1992 Tash co-founded Tha Alkaholiks. Since then he and THA LIKS have released 5 CDs including X.O. Experience featuring BUSTA RHYMES, XZIBIT, KURUPT and THE NEPTUNES, 21 & Over featuring KING TEE and LOOT PACK; Coast II Coast featuring Q-TIP Likwidation featuring NAS and OL' DIRTY BASTARD and TASH's solo album Rap Life featuring RAEKWON and OUTKAST. CRAIG G Craig G is a Queens Bridge native emcee, whose work is probably more recognised to the younger generation of hip-hop than the face behind the music. He has dropped such classics as Shout featuring Marley Marl, The Symphony, Droppin Science , and Kill It. However, Craig G is probably best known for the verse that he dropped on The Symphony that went Next up, I believe that's me.. Now his rhymes are more known than ever because he was responsible for writing most of the battle rhymes in the motion picture 8-Mile. Since then Craig has dropped the single Say What Ya Want, produced by GZA that was the Lead off single for the D&D Project II, and his newly released Album This is Now. WILDCHILD Wildchild is a member of a diverse collective called The Likwit Crew. You've got King Tee, the Los Angeles gangsta OG, The Alkaholiks, masters of the drunk tekneek. Then there's Xzibit, Defari, Dilated Peoples, and perhaps the oddest part of the collective, the Lootpack. Spawned in Oxnard, CA (a Los Angeles suburb), the group is comprised of rapper Wildchild, rapper/producer Madlib, and DJ Romes. They first made noise in the industry rhyming and laying tracks for the 'Liks first joint back in '93, and have appeared on each Alkaholiks albums ever since. After the release of his group Lootpack's album, "The Antidote" in 1999, Wildchild has built on the positive buzz it created, culminating on the releases of his solo albums "Secondary Protocol" and "The Jackal." Q-UNIQUE Q-Unique formerly of the Arsonists / Rocksteady Crew is a Brooklyn, MC that truly takes pride in bringing back showmanship to Hip-Hop. On the Arsonists debut album, As the World Burns Q-Unique showed the ability to lead a team much like Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. In Date of Birth He refined his skills and gave the world a True School Hip Hop Album, and in his new single "The Ugly Place" Q rips through this record showing another side of him and proves that he is no stranger to the solo format.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes in las vegas. House Of Blues, Fri and Sunday nights, local spots Aloha Kitchen, Cooler Lounge. playing for my people
Your musical influences
Dela Soul, Craig G, Tribe Called Quest, Rakim, Nas, Bob Marley, Santana, Kanye West, The Roots, and Outkast.
What equipment do you use?
Mpc 2000, Guitar, triton, trinity, Flutes
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