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Mark Griffiths
Mark Griffiths
Oxford, United Kingdom
September 03, 2004
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I've been making musical noises since the late 70s. What comes out is sometimes experimental or dance, but mostly it's New Age / Spiritual/ Ambient/ cosmic electronic music. I tend to work on themes, they are not particularly important for a listener but they help me retain some kind of focus. "The Lost Harvest" is mostly about reflecting outer landscapes within, and projecting inner states onto the world. It's also about the loss of a generation and a way of life as a result of the First World War. It's about the love of the young soldiers had for their homeland. "Dreamers" is about sleep, dreaming and memories, those things that are just out of reach of our consciousness. "Strange Stars" took a step back to a more electronic form, exploring inner and outer space. I also have an ongoing relationship with www.ambientmusicgarden.com to release music for therapy (not available on soundclick)
Band/artist history
I moved into synthesisers at the begining of the 80s and released "Paperworlds" and "Crystallography" myself, and in the mid/late 80s released "Like the Passing of Summer rain" and "From the trees" on the Electronical Dreams label. I "rested" for the 90s, rebuilt the studio in digital form in 2003 and am now back composing. I have more or less completed in that time two series, "The Lost Harvest" and "Dreamers". 2006 I started adding back in more hardware into the studio and now use whatever seems appropriate.
Your musical influences
Lots. Old syle electronic music, Tim Blake, Vangelis, Klaus Schulze. Vaughan Williams, Bax and classical minimalists like Philip Glass, Steve Reich, John Tavener, Arvo Part.
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