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Charles The Great
Charles The Great
26 Tracks
Old School, New School, Hardcore Rap, battle, freestyle, Alternative Hip Hop, Positive Vibes
He was born on the same day as the late great Tupac Shakur. He's battled his way to the top. He's rocked crowds of 20,000 people. He's headlined shows. He's sold over 10,000 units. He's been proclaimed King of the Midwest By Oak's Legacy Magazine and is widely accepted as the Underground King of Cleveland. But he's not stopping there. When you hear his signature self intro: C....T....G..! Get Ready, He's Charles The Great!!!
Band/artist history
I've been rapping since I can remember. I signed a local production deal at 14 that resulted in me really honing my craft and getting serious, but no real money. In '98 I helped start the label 2010 Music and we released our first CD "The Compilation". It garnered us local celeb status at our college and had my first hit "Because I Rap". In 2000 we released our second compilation album "Y3K Compliant" it moved over 7,000 units and solidified us in southern Ohio and Canada. It had the hits "Get Krunk",and "4 my Haterz". In 2002 I finished recording my first solo album "Royal Blues" but never released it. In 2003 I released my first solo mixtape "Strictly 4 Tha Streets Vol. 1". It sold over 2,000 units and established me as an emerging star in Cleveland. It contained the hits "Feel the Pain" and "Bladez Chop". In 2004 I released my 2nd solo mixtape "F#ck A Deal Vol. 2". It's selling like hotcakes and is proving that I am the Underground King of the Midwest. My song "Gettin That Money" feat. Jay-Z is the hottest song in Cleveland, and "International" has been on Cleveland underground charts for 10 weeks in a row now.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I've performed in Columbus at their block party in front of 7,000 people, in Toronto at Caribana in front of 20,000 and all over the midwest but mostly Cleveland. I've performed in the CLE at Peabody's, The Bottom Line, The Rhythm Room, Club Metropolis, The Hi Fi Club, and Club XO. There's nothing like rocking a crowd and feeling their energy and realizing that they really vibe with you and appreciate what you do.
Your musical influences
Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Snoop, Bad Boy, 2pac, Nas, Rakim, Slick Rick, NWA, Dr. Dre, Cam'ron, 50 Cent, Swisha House, DJ Screw Also world music, And anything old school, anything classic
What equipment do you use?
Roland Phantom, Apple G4, and ProTools
Anything else?
I got the stats AND the love in the hood to prove it: I'm the Underground King, if you think otherwise make me know it!!!
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