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Grand Theft Pancake
Grand Theft Pancake
2 Top 100
8 Tracks
Aurora Borealis / Where the f*** is the Pizza?
Peak position #68
A Tribute to Reel Big Fish
Peak in sub-genre #63
Dirty Shirt / Broken Brothership
Its the Maxizzle and Robizzle back at you! We got more F-words than Fiddy and Jay togetha! We got more sex than R. Kelly at a teen sleepova! We got more middle fingers than a bag of doritos at a fat people party! Sit back. Relax. Don't worry about your life. Listen to Grand Theft Pancake and laugh your ass off.
Band/artist history
A fucking long time ago in a galaxy far far away, two kids named Robby and Max were mad bored. Max had started something earlier, something called the Howard Sessions. Now with Robby and Max making lyrics AND music up right on the spot, a late home arriving dad, a mother in Vegas, and a shitload of boredom the two boys were able to let the ideas and F-bombs fly. After only 3 hours of recording, the two put out a 10 track, 50 minute long CD including everything from aurora borealis' to Coldplay to dirty shirts. But it wasn't over because 2 weeks later the duo of destruction began work on their second album "Stale Maple Syrup"... be on the lookout! Yup, with The Howard Sessions you cannot go wrong... just keep it out of reach of parents and little kids... We have copies of that first cd, email one of us twolf089@hotmail.com or theamnesicsgtr@hotmail.com to buy a copy, we only ask a small donation for the cd (anywhere from a buck to whatever if you're totally crew) We also are in the process of recording our second album "Stale Maple Syrup" the first single off it is "Eric Clapton is A Hobo" and is on the pureplayer.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live in Max's fucking room.
Your musical influences
Fucking Weird Al, Jay-Z, Minor Threat, among many others.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars, fucking mouths and shit. Salad tossers from Max's kitchen, and a Sprite bottle. Fists, are used also.
Anything else?
I love your mother.
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