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Ghetto Missionary
Ghetto Missionary
28 Tracks
I am simply a person who is flesh and blood, struggles, believes in the Son of God, his work on the cross and hopes to be used as a tool to share the amazing me
Finally, with great anticipation the long awaited album "PAIN AND PERSEVERANCE" is set to be released as a TMG project in the summer of this year, 2010. Nate Kile, AKA Ghetto Missionary AKA K Macc will debut his first personal project after15 years of playing an intricate role in the underground rap hip hop seen of Anchorage Alaska. He has worked with Alaskan artists and labels such as the late Inlet City Records, Baby J, Joker the Bell bondsman, Baby Hin, Young Bolo, Trig and Critical Beats of EG Media/Himvill records along with Shadik a producer/artist who has traveled over the east coast throughout the last few years contributing to various projects with extraordinary talent and skill. Ghetto Missionary has recorded at Surreal studios, The Mirror, Buzz Biz and the vary exceptional studios of EG media. The album, "Going Hard For Jesus" is a carefully woven combination of the constant spiritual battle which rages in our every day lives, and all of the intricate struggles which accompany that battle continually waging war against our dreams, hopes, families and desires to connect with God. The message doesn't stop there though, with a sharp and penetrating look into the profound hope that still relies in the truth of the Gospel and the life of Jesus Christ, Ghetto Missionary lays bare his personal beliefs in the Son of God and his deep belief in the validity of the power and love of Christ through the cross and the Gospel message as he opens up his personal diary as it is, uncut over hot smashing productions that can't help but to provoke and stir the thoughts and emotions of listeners from all walks of life. This album is far from a typical "Christian Hip Hop" project consisting of a track lists of dues and don'ts. Some Christians may find some of the tracks to be too saturated with the mind set of the world, while Ghetto Missionary brings forth the real struggle that even Christians fight inside every day, as they do often look at this life from a worldly perspective and not always a dreamy candy coaded churchy like painting. At the end of the day, when the struggle has been fought, tears have been shed and the faith challenged, Ghetto Missionary can still say, Jesus is the fountain of life, my brother, my friend and the Savior of men. Throughout the spring of 2010 as a prequil the the release of "Going Hard For Jesus" the mixed tape, "In His Name Vol 1" Will be available soon for free download. It is a combanation of both old and new projects marking Ghetto Missionaries growth as a Christian and a recording artist. Stay tuned!
Band/artist history
hHiHit me at onelove@alaska.net for more facts.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I am not performing at this time. I may try to just push the music alone and try to keep myself in the background as much as I can. It may sound crazy, but I will let the Lord do with the music what he wants even if it only go's out to 5 people.
Your musical influences
I can't say anymore, I have litarly been saturated in so many styles of music over my life.
What equipment do you use?
Sonar, Waves, Sound Fourge, Avalon, GT Brick, Cad M9, Blue Baby Bottle, Sure Beta 58, DBX, AKG.. Boards, Rolan Phantom, triton Extreme, Boss BR16, on some tracks, Rolan Vs 1880 and other recorders as well and other goodies like Ensoniq ASR EX Pro, Mophatt Keys, Alesis HD24/24 track recorder, PC, CakeWalk Sonar, Triton Trinity, Audio Technica 4033 Mic and other misalanious mics and equipment.
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