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the citizen (UK)
the citizen (UK)
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The citizen is a solo artist living in barrow in furness. If you like alternative, experimental, electronic, rock, and radiohead, mogwai and jeff buckley, you'l
this page hosts live acoustic versions of citizen songs to give you an idea of what acoustic gigs sound like.... visit the site for links to the full versions of the songs..... The Citizen is Adam Fenton, 21, who hails from Barrow-in-Furness. After narrowly escaping a deadly outbreak of leigionnaires disease using only a guitar and a shoestring, Adam hitched a lift outta there with local hero, Mad Russ. Finding himself in Lancaster after the unexpected spontaneous combustion of Mad Russ and his van, Adam now writes, records and performs music with several bands including legohair and dolore, the Citizen being his solo effort. he has also colluded with the the likes of the estate agents in the past... Have a listen, and if you like, come to a gig, or even better, give him a gig! contact: bogbeasts@yahoo.co.uk www.freewebs.com/the_citizen see the web site for more MP3 and goodies!
Band/artist history
Just visit the website It has much wisdom within it (or should).....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
My influences would be, martin grech, jeff buckley, the decemberists, the flaming lips, aphex twin etc. But generally anything thats honest, inventive and generally spreads the love.
What equipment do you use?
Well.... The songs which have electronic beats in them are all done (painstakingly) in fruity loops. apart from that i use gutars, keboards, melodicas drums, pans, violins, double basses
Anything else?
Douglas Adams. read every little word that you can possibly get hold of. NOW!!
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