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Dr Nigel
Dr Nigel
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Dr Nigel is trance electronica of the IDM sort. Lush harmonies and off-kilter beats juxtaposed over everyday-sounding samples reflect a defined mood. The music
The genre-bending music of Dr Nigel (Neil G Larson) has been dubbed by listeners and reviewers as 'trance-hop meets avant-groove' and 'narrative beat-driven electronica.' Says Larson, "My intent is to write 'heady' music; music that grooves but carries certain psychedelic elements. I try to keep it stable and cohesive, while unpredictable, with "plot" twists and turns, or a subtle morphing of tones such that nothing becomes monotonous. It's soothing music for the ADD generation."
Band/artist history
Since the mid 1990s Dr Nigel has been writing, recording and producing music. To date he has over 50 completed works, several film and media scores, commercially broadcasted tracks, and many works in progress. In November he released his first EP "Seeing in Squares" which has been distributed to various New England area vendors as well as several countries worldwide including Japan, UK, Thailand, Canada, Taiwan and Sweden.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Currently Dr Nigel spends his time performing with two up-and-coming New England acts: Nikulydin (www.nikulydin.com) and Amun Ra (www.amunramusic.com). Dr Nigel plans to bring his act to life in early 2005.
Your musical influences
Interesting / unique harmonies... Off-kilter yet groove-friendly rhythms... Unusual / warped samples...
What equipment do you use?
Nord Lead 2, Korg Kaoss, Fender Rhodes, Triton