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Eric Sands
Eric Sands
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Pro Guitarist/Bassist with stage & studio experience, pro endorsements. Progressive Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, Fusion, Shred, Funk & Pop.
Guitarist/Bassist Eric Sands. Founding member of ProgRockRecords.com recording artist "Man on Fire" and LionMusic.com recording artist "Truth of Fiction". I've appeared on numerous LionMusic.com tribute CD's including Jason Becker, Hendrix, Blackmore, Uli Roth and Gary Moore. Many exciting projects in the works! Please visit http://www.EricSands.com for more info!
Band/artist history
Eric Sands Bass/Guitar BIOGRAPHY Management: 8 Ball Entertainment Website: www.ericsands.com Styles: Rock, Fusion, Shred, Metal, Funk, . Progressive Rock, R&B, Art Rock Availability: Touring, Recording, Production, Sideline musician, Film, Documentary and Video Game Scoring, Fill in dates Discography: Man on Fire (October Records OR 10622) Man on Fire The Undefined Design . (ProgRockRecords.com) The Spirit Lives On Vol 1 Jimi Hendrix Tribute Lion Music LMC096 Truth of Fiction (Lion Music LMC2213 2) Beyond Inspiration A Tribute to Uli Jon Roth (Lion Music LMC078) Warmth in the Wilderness, Jason Becker Tribute (Lion Music 2103 2) Gary Moore Tribute - Lion Music, TBA Across the Miles, The Generation Ibanez Project (Faceless Productions) The Music of Madonna (Platinum Entertainment 15095-4639-2) "Tuonen Tytär" A Tribute To Finnish Progressive (Mellow Records & Colossus Ry, CD-MP85 A/B) (with Man on Fire, released 6/01/01) Mark Bryant solo CD YG Straight Up AJ Records 8/01 Loud American Tourists (Mr Bonehead Records) Fireworks Magazine 7/01 issue, Gen Ibanez instrumental Moe included in cover CD. Prog4U Various Artists CD Sampler with Man on Fire Video, TV, etc: MTV Undressed (Syndicated TV Score) Videotomy, Volumes I & II (SCL Productions, Video) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Documentary (SCL Productions, Video) Extreme Sports (Syndicated TV Score) Noteworthy performances: Performed with Steve Vai, Opened for Van Halen, Sheryl Crow, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Starship, Mothers Finest, Sevendust, Gary Wright, and Stuck Mojo. Headlined JemFest 2001, 2003 & 2004 (a tribute to Ibanez guitars) Endorsements: Ibanez Guitars, Kubicki Basses, Morley Pedals, Tremol-No, Heet Sound Products (Ebow) Current Projects: man on Fire: Habitat www.ProgRockRecords.com Acoustic Prog CD for ProgRockRecords.com Prog concept CD featuring legendary musicians Live Dates Reviews... What the critics are saying about Man on Fire... "Eric Sands fretless bass work is totally amazing." - Stephen Ellis, Prog4you.com "The Japan influence is particularly strong, with Mick Karn-like fretless bass appearing throughout the CD..." - Keith Marshall, Eleusis Music Pages "...and the fretless bass work is just smoking hot, really reminded me of Percy Jones of Brand X fame." - Jerry George, A&R Director ProgRock Records "The fretless bass playing is incredibly fluent, calling to mind Mick Karn or even Jaco Pastorious." - Dave Sissons, The Dutch Progressive Rock Page "...the trademark sound of Eric Sands shows that the bass can truly be a lead instrument with a wide range." - Chris Dixon, founder, Prog.net "...a heaping teaspoon of virtuoso fretless bass..." - Robert LaDuca, "The Prof of Prog"/NEARFest Organizer Man on Fire's eponymous debut album is an awesome, ambitious amalgam of all the best elements of dark, moody pop, new wave, rock, and neo-progressive music, very possibly the most impressive debut album of 1998. It is towering, over 65 minutes of dazzling performances and compositions. ...creative, catchy, and brooding synth-sheened rock with killer guitar work throughout... This is one amazing, funked-up Slab O' NeoProg -- check it out! Eric Aaron - Big Room O' Music The sound borrows from an intriguing mix of sources... The Japan influence is particularly strong, with Mick Karn-like fretless bass appearing throughout the CD... ...strong, heavy electric guitar and powerful vocals... This is a remarkably well-produced and consistent album for a debut, and it seems these guys have spent a long time learning the tricks of the trade. ... it stands a lot more chance than anyone else in the progressive world at the moment... ... this CD could shift tens of thousands of copies, in my view, if only they can get the right exposure. " Keith Marshall - Eleusis Music Pages Man on Fire has produced a very promising CD which takes 80s art rock a la Kate Bush, adds a heaping teaspoon of virtuoso fretless bass and atmospheric synths, and brings it into the late 90s.on of virtu Robert LaDuca - NEARFest Organizer/Prof of Prog The music produced by Man on Fire is to be defined as Intelligent rock. ...A must-have purchase for the neo-prog lover! Marco Del Corno - Arlequins Magazine A surprisingly good album, with generally very appealing and well composed songs mostly in the Rush vein. The boys show more variety on their album though than Rush has lately been doing. ...The recording and production are certainly well done and it shows...Do not let them go unheard. This band should have a wide appeal. Jurriaan Hage - Jurriaan Hage's Axiom of Choice This is a quality album obviously produced by musicians who know what they are doing. There is a lot of variation and innovation in the twelve songs... It is an excellent album, and one that I will continue to listen to, because I feel it still has a lot more to reveal to me. Jeff and Eric are a couple of superb musicians and composers, and Man On Fire is a great showcase for them. As a debut album it is a cracker, although obviously with the experience behind them, maybe it is not a surprise. Frank Blades - Alternate View Webzine Man on Fire is an excellent album and one I will be listening to a lot in the future. Highly Recommended!!! Derek Daniel - Stormbringer Webzine GUITAR RELATED REVIEWS BELOW The Strangeworld disc rocks! It peeled the paint off my car. Awesome. -Carlos Baez, A&E ...some of the best stuff I've ever heard on MP3.com. Moe blew me away and I was all over Hanglider I listened to all the songs, some of them twice -Michael D. Gerdes Eric Sands - Man what a guy and incredible talent. His band was just 'on it' the whole night. His surprise with J3 (Sands, Balducci, and Garcia) was the highlight of all Jemfests. J3 was an emotional experience. I'm working on a webpage specifically for J3. -Gabe Nickelson Jemfest 2001 Organizer, Houston, TX Eric Sands WOW! I was floored. -Bob Oakman, Producer, Radio On Air Talent, Houston, TX What a pleasure and honor it was to play with you and your band at JF!! Your show was so amazing and you proved why you were the headliner. Thank you so much for that and I hope we see us soon again!! -Ricky Garcia Berkeley College of Music, Guitar Virtuoso Hey Eric...You guys rocked, and man the experience showed up! I learned a lot from you dude! Your showman ship was great! I could feel the music and "see" it as well! Keep rockin! -Mik (fan email after recent appearence)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play all over the Southeast in a couple of different bands...Man on Fire, StrangeWorld and The Eric Sands Project. Performing with Steve Vai is probably the most special moment so far.
Your musical influences
Bass Influences: Mick Karn, Tony Levin, Pino Palladino, Glenn Hughes, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Bain, Dan K Brown, Wilbur Bascomb Guitar Influences: Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Schenker, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Tim Pierce, Jamie West Oram, Alex Lifeson, Tony Iommi
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez, Fender, Gibson, Kubicki, Steinberger, Rickenbacker basses, Marshall and VOX amps
Anything else?
Thanks for listening! Drop me a line! -Eric
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