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Glen Roethel
Glen Roethel
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New singer-songwriter with a positive message. Acoustic POP, spicy arrangements, world-rhythms, and lush harmonies - to touch the heart, inspire dreamers and re
Acoustic POP with spicy arrangements, world rhythms, and lush harmonies - all designed to touch the heart, inspire dreamers and rekindle the spirit. Like John Mayer, Cat Stevens, Train, Elton John, Paul Simon and Enya recorded together while doing Yoga.
Band/artist history
Biography Following in the footsteps of spiritual and social troubadours Cat Stevens, John Lennon, George Harrison, Midge Ure and Paul Simon, Glen Roethel has crafted a collection of songs to honor that tradition. His new CD, "From Beginning To End," cherishes people and nature and directs us inward to find a sense of belonging, peace and healing. Born in San Diego, California, Glen Roethel began his exploration of life, dreams and family quite immediately. "My father maintained the Atlas rockets, the engines that carried Friendship 7 and John Glenn into Earth's orbit. In those days everyone's eyes were on the stars, that's when I learned my first lessons in wanderlust and dreaming." His parents' divorce led to frequent moves and foster care, and at the age of six Glen found himself in Westbury, New York. There he discovered The Beatles and acquired his first guitar - an old beat-up acoustic, handed down from his brother. At age eleven Glen and his two siblings were adopted together and their new home provided stability that made his creative pursuits possible. After four years exploring his growing passion for the visual arts and music, Glen began to listen to the inspired voices of Cat Stevens and other evocative singer-songwriters which called him to channel more of his energies to song and guitar. Through college Glen played guitar, bass and keyboards in various bands and wrote songs about heartbreak and the emotional train wreck of youth. But later, to better express his heart, Glen turned his pen toward gratitude, encouragement and hope. "It seemed that we always spoke in negatives of tragedies, anger, and hopelessness - a very bad diet if you're aiming to feel strong and happy. It didn't make sense that just the bad events - the ones that crush hope - were getting all the airtime." Seeking a connection with others who shared his feelings, Glen joined the staff at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Barbara Brennan, a world-renowned energy healer and author, gave more inspiration to Glen's message which now began to take shape in song. "I was surrounded by people who wanted to heal others and themselves. It's Barbara's extraordinary gift to create a space for that. I've wanted to do healing work ever since then, with the tools that I use best." Those tools were his guitar, pen and voice. Although anxious to begin, Glen's final committment to inspired music awaited his completion of four exciting years fronting Gush - an energetic and emotive alternative rock band promoting their album "Ambition" on the Indigo label - and nine years as a graphic designer for a marketing company in New York. It was the recent events in New York and around the globe that ultimately galvanized Glen's resolve: "I decided to change my life and be a voice that delivers a positive message, encourages others, believes in peace, and heals hearts with song. This year my thoughts become actions." Producer Steve Young agrees, "Glen gives us just what we all need right now: a warm and positive message. More artists should think this way." Website http://www.glenroethel.com Discography Debut solo CD, "From Beginning To End," just released independently on Inspireline Records. 1995 release: "ambition" with Gush on Indigo Records (an entirely different musical direction!)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live, wherever people need a little encouragement - or just good music! Sometimes at chic Manhattan clubs; coffee shops and restaurants; open mic nights; Yoga Ashrams or retreats; for very young children at schools and camps; at the beach at sunset, for everyone who cares to stop by and share music and stories; at meditation gatherings and Buddhist culture centers; festivals, benefits, tributes and bookstores...I LOVE to play live! Special moments? Well, I just played for about 500 people at a Spanish Portuguese Buddhist Festival in NYC - singing in Spanish and English about peace and our power to create it together - and I am French/Scotch/Irish! The crowd went nuts and we all got fired up!
Your musical influences
Cat Stevens, John Lennon, George Harrison, James Taylor, Midge Ure and Paul Simon, Sting, America, the Eagles. You'll hear traces of John Mayer, Train, Jason Mraz, Five For Fighting and U2, as well. Acoustic guitar, Afro-Cuban rhythms, Elton John background vocals, and whispers of longings, dreams, hopes and love.
What equipment do you use?
Acoustic guitars (Gibson, Takamine), hand drums and a voice. Oh, and on my CD, a bunch of really talented musicians and singers using OTHER equipment : )
Anything else?
What do you think? What do you believe in? Who do you believe in? What is important to you right now? What is right? What is wrong? Be kind. Be truth. Be yourself.