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Stephen Lee Rich
Stephen Lee Rich
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Stephen Lee Rich -- Singer, Songwriter, Comedian, Yodeler.
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The Little Things
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Truckers' Secret
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Singing, yodeling, guitar picking, comedy and story-telling make Stephen Lee Rich a one man variety show. His musical repetoire includes traditional folk, original songs, country classics (mainstream and outlaw), and some of the most preposterous novelty tunes you can imagine.His comedy ranges from the observational to the vaudevillian. For nearly thirty years Stephen Lee Rich has been, first and foremost, an ENTERTAINER!
Band/artist history
I've fronted a number of country bands (Greenwood Creek,The Wabash River Band and others).I've played comedy clubs around the midwest. I even spent two years singing rock oldies as the opening act for an Elvis impersonator. But, I started out as a solo folkie, and that's where I'm most comfortable.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to play live (playing dead can get so boring). The best moments are when I've been able to tap into the audience's mood well enough to start leading them into other moods. At that point I'm free of the set list and can sing or say pretty much anything that comes into my head.
Your musical influences
Every music I've ever heard has influenced me in some way or another. As a kid I imitated the big band singers. Later I discovered the Kingston Trio and started learning all of thier songs. In my teens I found country music and started trying to sing like Roger Miller. I never got too far from the folk stuff and people tell me that my singing sounds like a cross between Miller and Phil Ochs. And of course there was the ever present influence of rock and roll. That's probably why my repetoire is so eclectic.
Anything else?
I hope that in the time that these thing have been said, the newness that has gone on and worn off, has kept strong and reached out to bring back one that we could slip under the door.
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