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Pete loves music and kind people and music and kind people...oh and FUN
Muzakman...aka Pete Considine aka Unplugged & Unstuck Musically & Psychologically. Basically with my music I am looking for original songs which have the best lyrics I can create accompanied by music which comes from the inner-far reaches of my soul. I want to touch you with my songs...make you laugh or cry or just shake your head...tap your feet...yu know the deal...if it doesn't leave you feeling something I AIN'T DONE ME JOB. Pete
Band/artist history
History is fraught with amazing highs and swooping lows. (swoop swoop oh baby rock rock!)The high point was when my dog Furball(call him Furball coz he ate the cat)licked my big toe..I think he liked the set but he coulda wanted his dinner too.Oh noooo he ate my foot..wouldn't that be terrible if it were true...! After FURBALL died (either that or he is having a looong sleep?)last week I have replaced him with a Gerbyl named L.O.D. (light of day) Beautiful little rodent but haven't seen him since I sat on him about a week ago?? So if anyone sees a gerbyl wearing headphones??? & smoking a Columbian Ceegar, please contact 911 THANX
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Every moment is special and I don't play live but play where I live...and sometimes the neigbors come ALIVE and bang on the walls. I should charge em ticket fee huh?
Your musical influences
Nigel Potter - Michael Brown - Jimi Hendrix - Neil Young - JERRY Willard, BLUES Buddy Guy and Collins and the switch to Irish songster Luka Bloom and...lots and lots of others...I am inspired by all the ANUBIANS...they are just the best bunch of people.
What equipment do you use?
I use a Takamine accoustic. And some of my 8 fingers.Hang on recounting the fingers again (insert Deliverance theme song here)...ok it is 7.5 fingers. Seriously....I use a Monterey Acoustic with pickup and a Takamine classic beauty acoustic and a Fender Stratocaster and a 40 year old classical nylon string...and a shaker...lol
Anything else?
Ummmmm...let me see...anything else...hmmmmmmm! NOPE! my exwife is a SLUT but that is not what ya wanted to hear
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