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experimental, exciting, electronic, sample, synthesizers, organic, eclectic, homemade, weird, thought-provoking, Reason, Ableton, Kansas, beats, psychosis, poli
my band consists of me, my computer, my software, my instruments and lots of sounds from the real and virtual worlds.
Band/artist history
www.myspace.commrmikadams Also you can check out http://www.geocities.com/padukem Charles Rice Goff III's site for Taped Rugs Productions. I've been involved with Charlie for a number of years in such projects as The Magic Potty Babies, and more so.. Turkey Makes Me Sleepy.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I just played my first show in years at the Dot Dot Dot Art Space in Lawrence Kansas on October 18th. It was a multimedia event with video art projection and partially improvised computer music madness with a wee bit of guitar and throat singing. A few dozen attended. None bought disks. It was fucking wonderful!
Your musical influences
I like a lot of music. I think it would be pretentious to name names. I sound like a lot of other people but most of all I want to sound interesting and unique.
What equipment do you use?
HP Pavillion desktop machine, fucking useless ass antique Dell Laptop, Reason 4, Ableton Live 7, lots of VST synths. My Fender Stratocaster, Fender Squier Telecaster, Alesis monitors. My rather cheap EV mic, A couple of M-Audio midi keyboards. And I love my M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 recorder. Field recording is sooooo cool!
Anything else?
Lots of digital samples,my friend farting, some guy speaking Polish, an old man I work with ranting about his hearing aide, people telling me their hat sizes. I like banging on things, recording myself trying to beatbox. Organic sampling is cool, the sink, water boiling, the washing machine, etc.
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