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Null Device
Null Device
15 Tracks
A varied mixture of electronica, breakbeat, world, rock and pop music.
Null Device is a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Eric Oehler and lyricist Eric Goedken. A cross-country collaboration that has produced two full-length albums and several independent releases, Null Device has been experimenting with various styles of music since the current lineup's inception in 1997. With influences ranging from breakbeat electronica to middle-eastern folk music, from modern rock to 80's pop, Null Device is a unique voice on the independent electronica landscape.
Band/artist history
1991 Eric Oehler encounters Eric Goedken at the University of Wisconsin, both mutally interested in the debut album by Electronic, the Sumner/Marr project. 1994 Eric Oehler forms an embryonic Null Device -"/dev/null", a techno group writing the soundtrack for a software demonstration. Interesting, and some horrible-bad techno results. The original permutation of nulldevice.com debuts as well. 1996 The original lineup dissolves, and Eric Oehler begins to record different styles of music. A strange synthpop/ebm album results. Six copies are made. 1997 Eric Goedken begins to submit lyrics. The tracks "Trainwreck", "Niagara", and "Hapless" result. First demos are created. 1998 Goedken is made a full songwriting partner, and Oehler begins to actually sing. Null Device records a wholly unauthorized cover of "Wicked Game" which finds some modest sucess on the bootleg circuit. 1999 The Crimson EP, the first commercially available Null Device item, is released to good reviews. 2000 More music. Plans and tracks for a full-length album are put together. T he "Submariner" EP is released. 2001 Lots of music. Some reviews, remix work, lots of club play, and after much grousing a full-length album starts to take shape. Oehler guests on a Stromkern album, and records guest vocals for the Dark Clan (a project of the future live guitarist). The video for "Word and Deed" is produced. 2002 On the back of the Subliminal demo, Null Device finally scores a label deal and releases Sublimation. Reviews are generally excellent. 2003 Null Device hits the road, playing their first live shows. Skeptics question the lineup of guitar, bass, vocals and backing tracks, but the worries are quickly quelled by a pretty decent first performance. The video for "Sad Truth" is produced and released. The "Footfalls EP", a collection of demos, remixes and oddities is planned for release on the internet. The album "A Million Different Moments" is readied to follow. 2004 "A Million Different Moments" is released. 2005 The London EP comes out. 2007 Excursions is Released
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live in the US, and would certainly love to play europe and asia if we could afford it.
Your musical influences
Turkish pop, Desi-hop, IDM, synthpop, kraftwerk, depeche mode, Atom Heart, Tarkan, GusGus, Bjork.
What equipment do you use?
Mac g5, some good mics, Novation, Alesis, Korg and Oberheim synths, lotsa software synths and effects, Logic Pro, some guitars, some basses, a steinberger violin, a theremin, some drums, and a duduk.
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