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Plastic Nancy
Plastic Nancy
8 Tracks
Guitar based, songwriting, quirky, original, unique, loveable, thought-provoking, protest, homemade, british, defunct
Plastic Nancy was a hobby of mine between 2002 and 2005 when I decided to kill off the fictional Howard Place, frontman for the virtual band and pack it in. I will still write but if the stuff's gonna be heard in the future it would have to be real - either straight acoustic guitar and vocal or as part of a band. check me out on myspace www.myspace.com/thebandcalledplasticnancy Since writing the above I have recently started to record again but not as Plastic Nancy. Hear the work in progress at www.soundcloud.com/howardplace
Band/artist history
March 2002 - buy BR532 and start arranging and recording some of the many songs I have written since 1979 September 2002 - cracked the problem of getting the BR files to mp3 using free software only and a 10 Smart Card reader " Slings 'n' Arrows " appears on the newly created website - www.freewebs.com/plasticnancy Approximately one new mp3 per month appeared on this website until March 2005 Really struggling with " I Would Drown " I decided to jack it in. Killing Howard Place seemed to be a good way to end it all.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Used to play live in 1986 as bass player in AK's Groovy Dog mostly in Warrington, though also once at The Boardwalk in Manchester and at Sheffield University supporting The Bible / Mighty Lemon Drops and The Bodines respectively.
Your musical influences
Eclectic - Beatles, Smiths, Elvis Costello, Love, Pale Fountains, Chic. However, Plastic Nancy could never imitate those artists and bands, Plastic Nancy can only do what Plastic Nancy does
What equipment do you use?
Boss BR532 recording studio, Hammerhead drum software, 1 electric guitar, 1 semi acoustic guitar, 1 acoustic guitar, 1 very old inexpensive keyboard.
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