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Slippy T
Slippy T
Stotfold, United Kingdom
November 07, 2002
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Slippy T ... Well a world of music falls under this banner .. Anything from to classical to hip hop.. I've been making/playing music for a lot of years (yep I am an old git ) And my love for all types of music has never diminished, in fact the opposite is true .... I keep an open mind with regards to most music.. The exception being Country and Western ..(YUK)
Band/artist history
In the Slippy T guise I've been making specific kinds of music since November 2000 ...It all started with being introduced to a simple music S/W package by one of my old workmates.. The rest, as they say is now in the annuals of my fictitious diary :) ... I now have a lot more S/W packages to help me create and produce all kinds of music.. The Slippy T name is now fast becoming synonimous with collaborations with other artists.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not at the moment although I have done in the past in the guise as a Bassplayer/Lead vocalist in several bands..
Your musical influences
I can't answer this question fully because of my very large eclectic taste as far as music is concerned..
What equipment do you use?
a reasonably powerful PC .. Lots of Music S/W packages .. a fairly good michrophone... This can be augmented by Fender Jazz Bass, a Fender Strat, a Casio CZ 5000 keyboard and a Boss Dr.Synth DS330
Anything else?
Anything has a high probabily of being achieved if you really want it. Catch me and a load of other truly exciting artists over at http://www.mp3unsigned.com
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