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David Russell Moss
David Russell Moss: I write, perform and produce all the music you hear on my soundclick page.I also perform music from other artist as a Cover song.
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Debbie's Rockin' (Radio mix)
When my Sister bought a new car, she enjoyed it so much she would drive around town....well, that's how I wrote it....LOL. And I thought she was into the oldies....So this song was born on Christmas Day 2000* with a little radio humor...Love you Deb
Lonely Hearts
Break The Madness
A Pink Floyd style....Over 11 mins. long.... Enjoy*
I Found Love
Inspired by Christine (my wife) & influenced by The Beatles :)
All songs written, performed & produced by DRM, except as noted:
Band/artist history
I had a band once from Feb.11, 1998 thru to Sept. 29, 1990 called " Brotherhood " the players were: Steve M. Wright on lead guitar & vocal, Rick Sincock on rhythm guitar & vocal, Sam Aspiranti on bass guitar & vocal, Ralph Dempsey on drums and myself on lead guitar & vocal. So basically they were family and old friends since 1964. Other than that I would get together with friends from time to time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, not since 1990. Yes, I liked it very much. I was in a band called Brotherhood, we weren't known anywhere but this one time we played with another band at a house party and the other band (I don't remember their name) had a following of at lease 60 people. The cops were called after the first band played a couple songs. So, the guys who were throwing the party said why don't both bands play a couple tunes at a time so we could at lease play. This band had some loyal fans already. As we finished our second song it got real quite. I mean the people just looked at each other. I said, ok? We started our third song and the crowd gave us an applause I'll never forget. Both bands played at lease three times before the cops came the second time. Well, both bands thought we should play together at the same time. Their band was set up on the patio and our band was in the yard and audience was in the middle. Both bands played " Wipe Out " at the same time. It was great! The most fun I ever had. Of course the cops came back for the last time. Yeah! That was a special moment. Thanks for asking. Dave
Your musical influences
The Beatles,The Beach Boys,Deep Purple,Black Sabbath,Jimi Hendrix,Rush,Kansas,Stix,The Glenn Miller Band,Mozart,B.B.King,The Cream,The Doors,Sound Garden,STP,etc........
What equipment do you use?
Gibson SG (the SG)1980, a Mako bass guitar, 1977 Yamaha Classical guitar, Boss pedals,my computer:DDClip Pro (multitrack recorder), BioDrummer (drum program), SM-57 Shure microphone and a decent Casio keyboard.
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