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Doc Jazz
United Arab Emirates
August 21, 2004
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This is the complete song collection of the music composed by the Palestinian surgeon and self-taught musician Doc Jazz. The songs here were mostly recorded and produced between 2001 and now, although a few of the songs date back to the late 80's and the early 90's. Normally, these songs are only available for listening, not for download. However, from time to time, songs will be on offer for FREE, sometimes even the whole collection - so check back frequently, add yourself to the or the so that you can stay informed about these offers! You can also INVALID -- Facebook Badge END -- Because of their reliance on a unique combination of politically critical lyrics and catchy beats and melodies, some of these songs managed to penetrate into mainstream Dutch media, most markedly the song 'Balken van Ellende' - a satirical song about the Dutch prime minister - which ended up being used in a news quiz on national television, where two questions were asked about the song (see videos). He also played all instruments and vocals on all songs, except on the album (produced by the African American producer Forrest Thomas) and on the Dutch song 'Doe Maar Multicultureel'. In these songs, Doc Jazz collaborated with prominent professionals from the Dutch jazz and fusion scene. His music can be found in a wide variety of styles ranging from piano ballads to funky music with a groove and with a taste of Doc Jazz's characteristic rock guitar solos (and on 'Front Door Key' the mesmerizing saxophone solos of Susanne Alt) - in three languages:. A Palestinian short shepherd's flute called the is also often featured in the songs. One last note: don't assume the music of Doc Jazz is only political! If you scroll through the vast collection of songs, you will find many songs about other subjects of love, and of life!
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