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Johnny Proctor
Johnny Proctor
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I am an independent writer/performer/producer making summery sounds with lots of harmony, guitars, and emotion.
Brian Wilson said of his epic work Pet Sounds, "I wanted to make the listener feel loved." Those words have always remained with me and I hope to share loving, healing sounds with the listener as well.
Band/artist history
I played in bands in Richmond, VA in the 80s as Johnny Proctor and the Fabulous Noys, Johnny Proctor and Bad, and the Jammin' Joe Realm. I have opened for Phil Keaggy and played extensively as a worship leader in Church. As an active duty soldier, I have played a lot at chapel services, Prayer Breakfasts and deployments.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live in Church, coffee houses, in the combat zone in Iraq (I am a soldier on active duty), at ceremonies, wherever I can.
Your musical influences
The Beach Boys, Beatles, Phil Keagy, Four Freshmen, Israel's Hope, Lamb, Nat King Cole, The Jam, Harry Gore, Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, Jan & Dean, John Michael Talbot, George Gershwin.
What equipment do you use?
Roland BR532 Digital 4-Track recording station and pawn shop instruments. I have a fairly nice tambourine, though. I always record in flip flops.
Anything else?
I LOVE talking music with anybody! Please tell me what you like/dislike about my music at abnjumpmaster56m@yahoo.com and PLEASE listen to more than one song because they're all different! Thanks for checking me out! :)
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