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'Girl Of Mystery' (Slantize)
Slantize featuring ADP collaboration. Sexy synthy club beat with a pop feel mixed with beautiful strings and piano. Buy a license at http://www.shadowville.com/?p=799/
'Don't Cry For Me' (Slantize)
125 BPM. Emotional violin with piano. Timbaland style drums at double-speed tempo. Buy a license at http://www.shadowville.com/?p=626/
'Midnight Hour' (Hala-X)
A smooth, jazzy, and laid back woodwind and string beat with a touch of saxophone. Buy a license at http://www.shadowville.com/?p=820/
'Path To Greatness' (Slantize)
A deep, emotional piano melody with an epic, string and electric guitar chorus. Buy a license at http://www.shadowville.com/?p=786/
'Survive The Night' (Sinima)
A deep violin and piano beat with a sad, emotional synth on the chorus. Buy a license at http://www.shadowville.com/?p=817/
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Where do I go to pay for the lease?
Just so you know I sent you an email concerning your main site shadowville that I received a web attach mass injection website 65 intrusion attempt when I visited shadowville website. Can you please check to see if you have a virus on your site because I can no longer visit it now. I never had this problem in the past. My email is Icyforest_as@hotmail.com to get in contact with me. -Ebony
I bought this beat at 09...wtf
we did a better job with this beat than dope house did. https://soundcloud.com/7officialmusic/pain-on-every-corner
The other version was better still hot tho
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