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Mad 4 Blues
Mad 4 Blues
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Blues rock played straight from the heart.
Blues rock, straight from the heart.
Band/artist history
Mad 4 Blues started as long ago as 2002 when I started writing these blues songs after my band Kick The Kat split up (Kick The Kat's back together now by the way). Kick The Kat was very much a working covers band so I had lots of ideas scrapping to get out - and out they came with these blues songs - straight from the heart, as they say.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I play live but that's with
Your musical influences
As with most musicians my influences are many. I play various styles of music but on the blues side here goes :- Gary Moore, Peter Green, Eric Clapton, Rory Gallagher & Walter Trout, as well as older players & legends such as Muddy Waters, Blind Willie McTell & Elmore James.
What equipment do you use?
These songs were recorded mainly on a Fender Strat but my main instrument is a Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus in lightburst with Burstbucker pick-ups. My amp is an Engl Screamer 50 watt combo with an Engl 2x12 angled cab. When recording I record direct quite a lot via a Line 6 Pod. For other effects pedals I use a Marshall Bluesbreaker, Boss Chorus & Dunlop Cry Baby.
Anything else?
Just want to say thanks for calling in & listening to my music. Don't forget to check out the tunes & features at :-
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