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Charlie Van Pelt
Charlie Van Pelt
17 Tracks
Toronto-based drum 'n bass for fun-lovin' whippersnappers.
Starbright Lights
Peak in sub-genre #13
Struggling With Destiny
Peak in sub-genre #27
Party Like Iraq Star
Peak in sub-genre #65
Charlie Van Pelt (otherwise known as "Chuck") has been a member of the underground drum 'n bass community since 2002, both as a producer and a reviewer. Before this time, he was making music as "Loopy Lizard" using MS Sound Recorder. However, as soon as he got wind of a freeware program called Buzz which could help him make tunes that were at least less crappy than the ones he was already making, he was sold. These days, he uses FL Studio, which he thought would help him take over the world. Needless to say, it hasnt quite happened like that yet Chucks songs tend to emphasize the fun side of drum 'n bass, giving priority to musical hooks and melodies as opposed to crushing basslines. Given his willingness to be inspired by anything, plus his love of many genres of music (including pop, rock, funk, jazz, and even country), this is to be expected. However, thats not to say that he cant stray from this template when its called for; witness the slam dunk which was "Groovicide Bomber," a remix of Will Smiths "Party Starter" from his 2005 album Lost and Found. On the other hand, if youre looking for something a bit more emotional, a listen to "Unrequited Love" or "My Last" should testify to Chucks versatility. Chuck was also a prominent reviewer at dnbscene.com, reviewing tunes by artists such as Dave Akuma, Isotone, Mumblz, Alix Perez, and StumbleBum. His in-depth and honest yet humourous writing style made him one of the most respected and trusted reviewers at that site. He hasnt written a review since February of 2005; he now prefers to concentrate on his own productions. As was said previously, Chucksters own musical tastes run the gamut of the musical spectrum. His CD collection features artists as diverse as Sheryl Crow, Hanson, Elton John, Serena Ryder, Will Smith, Switchfoot, Susan Tedeschi, and Lee Ann Womack. Of course, since hes a big fan of drum 'n bass (duh), youll also find artists like Cyantific, Dieselboy, Jonny L, Ed Rush & Optical, Total Science, and Polar. Some of his favourite artists right now are Boards Of Canada, James Brown, Sarah Harmer, Switchfoot, and Amon Tobin, his absolute favourite musician. When hes not producing d 'n b, Chuck can be found taking in the local concert scene, singing at his church, or chilling out in Toronto. He can also be found at home in his bedroom pretending to have a life by doing things like writing this biography in the third person. :-)
Band/artist history
I'll fill this part in when I feel like it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
James Brown, Total Science, Fusebox, SAR!N, Temper D & K-Fire, Dom & Roland, Polar, and any music with a hook.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 6 (plus various VSTs) and Sound Forge 8.
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