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dark lo-fi electronic music with touches of industrial, ebm, pop and psychedelia.
Origami is me, just me. A part of me. With influences such as Skinny Puppy, FSOL, Depeche Mode, Legendary Pink Dots, Fad Gadget, John Foxx or The Young Gods, I try in my humble way to make the most personal music as an expression of my own self. As for myself, my name is David Martinez, born in 1976, and I live in Valencia, Spain.
Band/artist history
In 1994 I started a band called Our Personal Darkness, convinced by a friend of mine. We wanted to make Depeche Modish music. The truth was my friend never did anything (and I mean, never) so we never did anything as a band, but it was a leitmotiv for my starting writing lyrics. I composed around 10 songs but I just had a casio keyboard and no money and soon changed my musical aim for literary attempts. After writing a lot of short stories and around 400 lyrics, I resumed in 2003 my passion: music. I bought some software and started one of my most important reasons for living, my music. My life has changed since then, for the better! Since then I've made about 7 albums as a process of learning.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
nope for the moment.
Your musical influences
Everything: things I see, things I don't see but I'd like to see, things I adore, things I absolutely refuse, everything which is in contact with me may influence me in a way or another. regarding musical influences, uff lots of. mainly electronic but of many different styles: the legendary pink dots the rorschach garden skinny puppy fad gadget can nitzer ebb depeche mode the young gods nine inch nails die warzau john foxx (both his metamatic and his Louis Gordon era, not his pop one) mlada fronta einsturzende neubauten the cure gary numan meat beat manifesto
What equipment do you use?
-sequencer: FL Studio. -synths: soft synths:DUNE, Synth 1, Korg MS-20, Polyiblit, Ugo String Theory, Superwave, among others. percussion: Microtonic
Anything else?
I don't consider myself a musician, just a player. I play with sounds, with everything that comes out of my head, like a child ripping out his toys in order to see what's inside. So I just wish you can enjoy listening to my music as I enjoy "playing" it. Thanks for devoting some of your time with it.
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