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Stonefree (USA)
Stonefree (USA)
12 Tracks
Smooth Vocals, Pulsating drums, Satisfying, crowd pleasers, Solid Bass foundations, and excellant Harmonies.
In The Beginning...... STONEFREE first came into being a band in 1972. Since that time there have been several musician changes and several pauses in playing by the group. It wasn't till 2002 that Greg, AKA (Stone) Trumpower decided it was time for some of the songs that he had written to make it into the mainstream for listening. The songs all tell of various moments in the artists life. In the track, "I'd Like To Be Home With My Baby". Stone sings about the pain of waiting on his girlfriend to be released from prison and why she was there in the first place; "Somebody Don't Like Me", describes how his brother got shot while going out to shoot pool one night by a sniper.....which to this day.....has never been caught; "All For You (Sweet Kitten)" and "Blues For You Baby", reflects on the longing for his locked up girlfriend; "Chris's Song", the story of his son, shortly after his birth, wondering what thoughts are going through his son's mind as he crawls up next to his Daddy in the bed. "Lonely & Blue",and "Without You" are about his marriage breaking up. "Hats & Boots", The life and dreams of living in West Virginia. "Remember Me", After any breakup, everyone wants to be remembered.....don't they? " Thinkin Bout' You" and "Lonely and Blue" reflect back on the mis-fortunes of Love. "Money Talks"..a summary of the Life Of Stone. First, upon entering the studio Stone laid down the melody, guitar rythyms, vocals and harmonies, and drumwork..... himself. The engineer, Zack Mabie volunteered to do the Bass tracks and Mike Wilson, was asked to present the Lead Guitar, Banjo and Harmonica work. On two of the songs, Remember Me and All For You, Eddie Oliver presented his Lead Guitar lics to the songs. The band today is now made up of four musicians. Greg (Stone) is playing Rythym Guitar and Lead Vocals, Chuck Sherry-Bass, Mike Neel-Lead Guitar, and Dennis George-Drums. Stonefree presents their material as well as many cover tunes in venues across four states; Md., WV, PA, VA..keeping busy with creating new material for their next CD and playing anywhere from 5-10 times per month. The styles of the songs range from Blues, to County and R&R. Completely different from anything you've heard before, they tell a story and are representative of artists such as Marshall Tucker Band, Conway Twitty, Roy Orbison, and Elvis. PRODUCED BY STONEFREE SOUND PRODUCTIONS www.stonefreesounds.com
Band/artist history
How It All Started STONEFREE first came into being a band in 1972 when I started a four-piece group to play around my hometown, Hagerstown, Md. The band was unique because it featured a female singer and flutist. And now, thirty years later, the band is even as unique today as it was then. Now, with the friendship formed with Mike "Wildcat" Wilson, who was met at the Stompin 99' Bluegrass Festival in Capon Bridge WV, I have been able to complete this cd of my songs. I enjoyed doing all of the drumming throughout this CD. I have played many venues with other bands as their drummer and my style that I've picked up is a combination of jazz, big-band and rock/country drumming. Mike...the "Wildcat" has been around awhile playing in Nashville, Florida, and the hills of West Virginia. Mike, from Logan West "By God" Virginia, plays banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and bass...although not all at the same time...That would be unique! But after we played around the campsites there at Stompin, I ask him to help me complete the project by putting in the instruments to establish the sound I was looking for. We began recording in Frederick Md. at ZaxTrax Recording Studio...So, between my vocals, harmonies, and rythym guitar and drum background, Mike and I started to sound pretty darn good. We decided we needed a bass player to join with us and Zack offered to come along for the ride and give us the bass licks. Zack, who has toured with KIX and now has "The Blues Vultures", supplied a solid Bass foundation for our music. Since recording this CD, Mike Wilson has left the group to pursue his own interests. Since Mike prefers Bluegrass, he has opened up his venues for Solo work. Good Luck Mike. Replacing Mike on the Guitar is another "Mike", Neel. A young guitarist from the Frederick, Md. area (currently living in Great Cacapon, WV), has been touring around with several different groups these past few years. Wanting to settle down and try something "New", his devotion, hardwork and drive will be an excellant asset to the band. Welcome Aboard Mike. Joining us on the upright bass and electric is Chuck Sherry, from Springfield, West Virginia. Chuck, has came from a relatively mixed background of music. Bluegrass, Country, Rock and Funk. His attitude and experience adds alot to the bands mix and now provides the solid foundation that is needed to carry the music onward.Welcome Aboard Chuckster. Dennis George, from Hedgesville, WV has joined us now for fulltime drummer. His mixture of jazz, and rock styles compliments my own and works out very well with the bands music. Welcome Aboard Dennis. We just had our album published by NBT Music BMI. That will help with the overseas sales, which I might add, is doing pretty good in Germany. PRODUCED BY STONEFREE SOUND PRODUCTIONS
Have you performed in front of an audience?
OMG...do we play live. Almost every weekend. We are currently playing in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia with offers to come up to New Jersey next summer. We love playing live. In fact, that's when we sound the best. Every moment is special to us. We enjoy playing and entertaining the crowd and making new friends.
Your musical influences
Marshall Tucker Band, Conway Twitty, Roy Orbison, Hank Williams Sr. and Jr., Santana, Elvis, David Allen Coe, and a host of others.
What equipment do you use?
Pearl Drums, Peavy Sound Equipment, Shure mics, Fender/Gibson/Ovation Guitars, Upright and Electric Bass, Marshall Amps.
Anything else?
We can handle any crowd at any occassion. Be it, Weddings (We've done two this summer), Birthdays, Bar-B-Q's, Clubs, Festivals....Haven't played a Wake yet...but I'm sure one day it probably will happen too.
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