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ndp aka tha kidd
ndp aka tha kidd
7 Tracks
We do shit from the heart, you want real shit peep me -1-
Wus Good its ya boy nick player aka excentrik 15, pumpin tracks faster than you can say damn, lol not much ta say peep muh songs and tell ya mans about me
Band/artist history
been rappin since i was twelve got good around 15, still gettin betta, doubted been thru bullshit but after it all i look back and say the bullshit helped get me where im at right now, hate jus gives me more confidence, more steam to keep doin what i do and gives me power to write my songs, i luv haters ... haha holla at me
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Battle live, record at my house, special moments.... wen i kill emcees lol 1
Your musical influences
You kno i have to say Eminem... cuz i grew up listenin to him copped his cd the edited version lol and loved it, without him i wouldnt have started into rap, then i switched up and started listenin to some of my style Big L, Pac, Chris Wallas, Jada, Styes, Sheek, Jones, Freeky, Killa, Juelz, J.R., Pun, Luda, Flip, Cassidy, Jae Hood, Jae Mills, Jin, Epik,
What equipment do you use?
lol o god, shit i got a 20 dollar mic, which works sometimes its stuborn, and i use magix audio studio 04', i copped the new Reason ta pump beats and FL Producer addition
Anything else?
Yo to all the people that support me much love i appreciate all i can get, to my moms and pops i luv yall my bro ben do whatever cuz i got your back no mater what, my boys that hold it down, and to whoever told you that you cant do it, time dedication and passion will achieve your goals, i love what i do baby and i wont stop fa no one... im out be easy 1 love
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