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The new Thugs that combat death, and trying to bring life to the hopeless suitations. Thugs,Gangstaz,hiphop,Jesus,GOD, Hardcore, GODcore,
Whats up peeps this is the T.H.U.G.R.I.D.A.H.S., and we want to welcome you to our world of music. I hope when you are done listening that you will be ready to ride. This is a group that was started by E.N.F.A.MALE wit the inspiration from GOD to make a group. This group can bring a hardcore sound with the message of life in it to touch the soul. They can bring Spiritual, Social, and political issues in their music. You will find they are very creative and have some music that others dream to be able to create. They are very humble and thankful for all they have. This group consist of solo artists who came together to complete a mission in the hiphop world. WATCH'EM!
Band/artist history
The T.H.U.G.R.I.D.A.H.S. can be traced back to single artists like E.N.F.A.MALE, who got with his boy B.I.G.D.R.A.K.E., and they wanted to do a few things together to bring in the real hiphop. So they brought together a caliboration of Individuals such as E.N.F.A.MALE, D.O. and B.I.G. D.R.A.K.E. and Vic-C who weren't afraid to bust back in hiphop at the wrongs going in the music or entertainment or just life suituations. They are trying to bring life with the music they bring. They are so creative and the skill level is nothing to slip on. They are under-rated right now, but all will see, and some are starting to see that now. They will produce great and have what it takes to go all the way. But their true love is to the GOD that changed their lives.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The T.H.U.G.R.I.D.A.H.S. have done a few live performances at a few places. One place is at the youth cafes in Federalsburg, M.D., and the streets,Balitmore,M.D. and the eastern shore. One of the best moments was when they did North Caroline High School and they took control of the whole atmosphere, and people were crying after the "All My Heart" song.
Your musical influences
Our musical influences are cats like Bruthaz Grimm, Run-dmc, Cross Movement, Pac,and the Outlawz, KRS-ONE and the temple of HipHop, and many more. Nuwine, Lil Raskull, Nas, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, N.W.A. Ghetto Boys, Temptations and other Motown greats, Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5, FatBoys, and many others to name.
What equipment do you use?
All types of Keyboards,and computer software and programs.
Anything else?
Ride wit us or Ride wit out us, but we ridin!
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