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3 feet up
3 feet up
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minimalist rock duo consisting of piccolo bass guitar, vocals & drums playing songs for the brain.
3 feet up is a 2 piece band (a married couple!) from NC that pushes the boundaries of rock & pop by exploring unexpected & fresh perspectives. They also use odd instrumentation in their live shows - piccolo bass guitar & drums, sometimes just bass guitar & drums.
Band/artist history
Chris & Victoria Hardy are 3 feet up. They also happen to be husband and wife. They live just outside of Greensboro, North Carolina and have played music together since June of 2004. Chris writes most of the songs, plays the stringed instruments (piccolo bass guitar & bass guitar) and vocalizes, and Victoria hits drums & cymbals while standing up. She started learning drums just weeks before their first show in June of 2004. The two cite influences as diverse as XTC, Cake, Beck, John Lennon, Robyn Hitchcock, Foo Fighters, Sting, Steely Dan and way more. Since the release of their self-produced debut CD ÃâÅTank Full Of Gas And An Empty CupÃâìŒ, they have been featured on the CBS Early Show. Two other CDs have followed and they're currently working on #4.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
used to play all over Portland, Maine, MA, even GA. Now we live near Greensboro, NC and we play all over NC & SC & VA now.
Your musical influences
sting, beck, cake, morphine, white stripes, the police, steely dan, del amitri, fastball, foo fighters, devo, adrian belew, david sylvian
What equipment do you use?
steinberger xp2 piccolo bass, steinberger xl2 bass, squier vintage modified fretless jazz bass, rainsong ws-1000 acoustic guitar, yamaha manu katche drumkit with rocket shells carbon fiber snare.
Anything else?
the bravest people are the ones who show the world exactly who they are.
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