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the darkest sorrow,METAL,DOOM,black metal,deathmetal,gothmetal,thrash metal,rhoads,strat,bc rich,warlock,bich,pointy,dragon,fantasy,goth,guitars,shredd,dark,i p
THE DARKEST SORROW is the new name of my solo project.i wrote alot of these songs for my exs, we arent together anymore but thats ok cause we are still great friends!!:)I'm just a dude who likes to play guitar. I'm 29yrs. old, i've been playing guitar since I was 13. i've been in a couple of bands that have fallen apart over dumb stuff(blaaaaaa). I play guitar,drums,bass,keyboard/piano. I also do all the vocals on these songs. I dont realy consider myself a singer at all. I love Jackson and BC Rich guitars!!!strats with maple fretboards n EMG,BILL LAWRENCE L500XL pickups! METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WWW.thewammybar.net
Band/artist history
Right now its just me playing all the instraments and singing..(except the drums, those are a drum machine). band members are joseph strogish(vocals,guitar,keyboards/piano/organ,bass,lyrics) i just got a set of drums so all the songs from now on will have me playin drums instead of a crappy drum machine:)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
NOT yet
Your musical influences
METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and lots of other stuff. Savatage,Nevermore,Samael,My dying bride,HIM,pain of salvation,evergrey,cradle of filth,dimmu borgir,steve vai,Randy rhoads,yngwie malmsteen,HIM,Ozzy,Megadeth,metallica,Queensryche,joe satriani,skid row,WASP,Iron maiden,judas priest,manson,Children of bodom,ramstien,pantera,dokken,evanescence,Vnv nation,tori amos,Helloween,black sabbath,tool,scorpions,sarah brightman,yanni,enya,vanessa carlton,billy idol,type o negative,Danzig,the cult, the cure,fight,halford,I parasite,iced earth,Dimmu borgir,sentenced,tso,Slayer,alice in chains,Moonspell, and tons more.
What equipment do you use?
Jackson RR1 with bill lawrence l500xl pickup,jackson rr3,charvel model 2 with blood splatter paint job,bc rich bich(i totaly customized, 2warlocks,olympic rhoads v copy,LINE^ POD XT LIVE with metal pack,digitech genetix 1,boss,rocktron silver dragon,line 6 spider2 half stack,boss mt2-metal zone,boss digi delay,dod 7 band eq,slingerland drums,sabian cymbals,guns lots of guns. u can buy all the same gear i use through my link on here www.thewammybar.net
Anything else?
i love metal music, it is who i am.
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