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Musical Art, Life Expression, Real Emotion
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This Feeling
'...classic, and delicately passionate. This Feeling is my favourite from the Run EP. Big spacious, souring instrumentation, a great piece of work.' -James Black, Frog Fanzine
What are we doing? Its something to do with having a different thought path to the people around you. It allows you to do odd, stupid things like write ditties on the back of a fag packet and shove an index finger up your nose during a stern and serious conversation; if you were rational it would be a stupid thing to do. But its being irrational that makes life yearn for your feelings. Like art, it expresses personal feelings like nothing else. For example, as engineering, medicine, farming are all noble pursuits and essential to maintain life.. music, art, love- are things we stay alive for.
Band/artist history
We have a detailed and interesting history, if your'e interested, visit www.incircle.co.uk.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Oh yes. We've played round various places in the north east, and continue to do so. We love playing live, its a big part of our concept. At the moment, we love to just capture people's imagination for 30-45 minutes. We want to expand on that obviously, given the chance.
Your musical influences
My band members and I share the same attitude towards influences. That is there are far too many to list. Favourite bands change by the day.
What equipment do you use?
Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards.
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