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Rock ‘N Roll & Punk Rock; The Clash, Rancid, Face To Face, Bouncing Souls, Misfits, The Vandals, U.S. Bombs, Catch 22, The Sex Pistols, Operation Ivy, Social Di
FlooDBaR started in 1998. After several lineup changes, we finally hit our stride. You can join the official FlooDBaR message board by clicking here http://floodbar.iwarp.com,
Band/artist history
Dominic Sobieralski and Barry Hunter have been playing together for over fifteen years in various bands. In 1998 they started FlooDBaR. The line up held until 2001 ( and included Dave Gay, Brenden Jumps, Barry Hunter, and Dominic Sobieralski) After some line-up changes they added Todd Meszaros in the fall of 05. Todd has played with The Aakatas, Hooligan Riot, and Blaque Heir (to name a few). Ed Smith, had played with Barry in Deep Fried back in the mid 90s. Ed joined FlooDBaR in the spring of 2004. Sean Martin, FlooDBaR's youngest member, joined in the spring of 2005 and had played with Delta 9 and STABPUNX.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course! FlooDBaR has played all over the Midwest since 1998. We would like to tour the East coast and West coast by the end of 2006.
Your musical influences
Each member is influenced by wide varieties of music ranging from 1977 Punk Rock 1950s Rock N Roll, but we are not limited to any specific type of music whatsoever. Metal up the a$$, Punk influences include, but not limited to, NOFX, Bouncing Souls, Rancid, Operation IVY, Misfits, Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, Less Than Jake, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Bad Religion, The Vandals... etc..
What equipment do you use?
Barry uses Pearl Drums - Zildjian Cymbals. Dom is currently using a Washburn Bass Guitar and a Kustom Bass Amp. Eds Guitar is an Ibanez. His amplifier is a Crate combo. Ed uses a wide variety of pedals. Todd has multiple Gibson Les Pauls. He mainly uses a 1957 Goldtop and a 1992 Standard. His amplifier is a Fender Cyber Twin, which he runs through a Marshall 4 x12 cabinet.
Anything else?
Thanks for taking your time and checking out FlooDBaR! If you are looking for a fun and energetic live band please feel free to contact us to play your town!
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