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Mr Kriminal
Mr Kriminal
19 Tracks
Gritty in your face gangsta rap. Reality based no studio made stories.
Peak in sub-genre #94
15 songs
I am keeping it real for those who like good hard gritty in your face gangsta rap. Written and preformed by an Orange County emcee trying to follow a dream and put O.C. on the map at the same time.
Band/artist history
I am a native southern Californian who was born in Stanton, CA. I am an Italian, Spainard and I have grown up in just about every bad neighborhood you could imagine in California. I spent most of my adolescent life in the Costa Mesa, Santa Ana area not to mention pretty much all of Orange County. I was locked up a lot as a youth and always getting in trouble it just seemed to find me were ever I went. I got arrested my first time when I was nine. My mother and her brothers grew up in Compton, CA and until recently I still had relatives living in that area. When I was younger I would spend my weekends there with one of my cousins and the homies I've made over the years from Lime. So she knew the early warning signs and tried to get me out of the area we were living in and in to a nice middle class area. In hopes of keeping me out of that element. Little did she know it was only a matter of time before I got involved with the wrong crowd again. Since then I have been married and bore three children. Since the birth of my kids I have changed my life around and have been trying stay out of jail. Now I have been trying to focus in on my dream of doing something for a living that you love to do. Also I am taking the advice of all my homies who are sick of the countless hours of listening to my never ending freestyle frenzies until they had to tell me to shut up. This for you and you guys know who you are now you get what you want a cd with your homie on it and when you get tired of listening to music just turn it off. My love for hip hop started when I heard my first run dmc song in the Bandera Isle apartments Ontario/Mont. Claire, CA I have been hooked on hip hop ever since. My love affair with hip hop music only grew with LL, NWA, and Too Short. In fact it was memorizing NWA and Too Short songs that started me on my way to writing my own songs and some help from my friend Shane. I am a 2nd generation gang member. I grew up around the life style so it was easy to follow suit. I can remember getting high and drunk with my homeboys at parties free styling to impress women. That eventually led into my rapping at house parties. I have had nothing but obstacle after obstacle trying to get to my dream and that is to bring a sound that every one can feel while staying true to my up brining. My rap career was put on hold due to having to support my family. I have done alright for myself being a kid from the street. I got into telemarketing which led me to a lucrative career in the mortgage industry. Now I'm using my spare time to focus my street knowledge and talent into a hip hop career. If you like what you hear buy the new single. The Album will be released in the fall of 2005. Oh yeah and don't forget to vote!!! I am also on BET.com yaheard section. Look for Kriminal "life in the O.C." and VOTE!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I play all over Orange County and Los Angeles. After the album release I will be touring Nationwide or sooner if I am booked.
Your musical influences
too short, run dmc, scarface, spice one, nwa,L.L. cool j, Dj Quick, Ice Cube and the list goes on
Anything else?
Look for the album in stores everywhere!!! Also I wanna give a special shout out to all the homies showin me support-n-repin in this bitch!! Westside Bloods, Kengosha Entainment and all the bloods n pirus in New Jersey, GangstaBlood152 (Young Gangsta Shilow 2 Da 15 deuce)Y.G. Blood Hound, Do Da Blood Walk, all dogz go 2 heaven, WHOOPIN BLOOD LANEZ, All the hommies in Lime Hood riskin their lives On Bookacre, All Bompton Piru's, All my homies Die Hard Piru, E Dub's West Covina, And any of the homies I may have accidentally missed. Thanks for always showin that PIRU love.
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