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Higher Zenith
Higher Zenith
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You have reached a Higher Zenith.. Driven by the impossible journeys of lifes indulgences. Time, love, hate, passion and furthermost, the inequalities of life
Driven by the impossible journeys of lifes indulgences. Time, love, hate, passion and furthermost the inequalities of life are expressed in the intimate form of sonica. Enjoy.......
Band/artist history
**BAND MEMBERS** Christian:Vocals Bryan: Bass Giovanni: Drums Igor:Guitar HISTORY: Based out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Higher Zenith is a high-energy rock band that knows how to put on a live show.The Higher Zenith sound blends a mix of different influences; giving them a cutting edge rage that has proven to ignite fans. 2002 was all about getting their first CD completed and released, performing as often as possible in their home state and creating new material. The band spent the better part of 2003 touring across the country where they covered both the Western and Eastern Seaboard and didn't miss too many cities in between. Their versatility, as well as commonality, of backgrounds blends into their original sound and enables them to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Their united dream is simple, to be full-time musicians and to be make great music. Ok, yes, it would be nice if they were related to a bunch of famous rock stars or record executives, but what the hell, they are not, so they will make it the "hard" way and that is just fine with them. The band released their first independent CD titled " So Called Reality", by the end of June 2002. This album consists of ten original songs originated from new material that they collaborated on . The music immediately started making waves even before the CD was officially released. A demo version of one of the tracks, "not ready", made its way to one of the local corporate radio stations, 94.9FM Zeta, and had already received 3 months of consistent airplay before the CD was even finished. The CD was described as, "a record that roars out of the speakers", "with slicing vocals" in a top rated demo critique by Music Connection Magazine. Higher Zenith's music can be heard on numerous college radio stations across the country and several corporate stations within Florida. The final sound was mixed n mastered by their own label VolummeInc. The capability of being able to create and produce original music all within the Higher Zenith family is one of their unique strengths for this multi-talented group. The band is currently putting together their second CD that shows a musical evolution where the band has really come into their own unique sound. If you listen closely, you can hear the fusion of their diverse backgrounds. Igor's hard driving modern guitar sounds, which adds to the melodic and captivating vocals, creating a true individuality factor for this band. Christian provides a quite profound perspective in though that seamlessly complements Bryan's and Giovanni's rougue edged style that shreds through the speakers. The uniqueness of their compilations reflects on their own instruments and skill. Higher Zenith plays consistently, promoting their music and throwing their fans crazy "off-the-hook" shows. They tour all over the country regularly and are always stoked about getting out on the road and making new fans. Higher Zenith has opened for some national acts (in arena stadiums) including Creed and Def Leppard. The band keeps busy doing on-air radio interviews and playing live every chance possible, because performing their action packed live set is absolutely what they are meant to do in life. Now with their second cd in your hands. They are ready to show their full extent of variety and diversity. ROCK ON!!!!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Management & Booking ACCESSPOINT MUSIC, INC. Bethany Kent Entertainment Manager 1320 Seagrape Circle Weston, FL 33326 management@higherzenith.com (954) 275-0997 www.higherzenith.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we do play live and we play often. We love to play @ Clubs, private parties and National acts. We have opened several national acts in Stadum Arenas. We come from an area that doesn't have much of a rock scene so......We make the most of it. It is always a special moment when we are on stage. Some local clubs we play in our area are: OVATION, The Culture Room, The Music Factory, Surf Cafe, Broadway Billiards, Titanics, Alligator Alley, Office Depot Center,
Your musical influences
Well our influences vary between the members. **Alice n Chains, Jaco Pastorious, Def Tones, British Rock, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Dream Theater, Mike Patton, The Mars Volta**
Anything else?
Thank you all for you support and your loyalty. "REVERSE THE CURSE" WILL BE AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE & will be released late march/ early april!!!!
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