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underground rap, street rap, real life
The Realities of my Imaginative Dreams
The Destruction of Hip Hop
I'm Derision- an underground rapper with a shady past, shady present, and probably a short future. Let me know what you think about my music.
Band/artist history
Profreedom records consist of: Profisized Storm, J.S. Free, Element 1, D-Love, Jester, Spydamann, E.C., Derision, and DJ Wrecked-Em. We are broken down into multiple groups: Misguided Poets, Dollars-4-Cents, Extraterrestrial Visionaries, and Abstract Minds.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
every chance I get, solo or with the group.
Your musical influences
Methodman, Redman, Jester, Spydamann, J.S.Free, Element One, Profisized Storm, Jurassic 5, Benefit, Dialated Peoples
Anything else?
MADLINS 1/29/05 SPOKEN WORD NIGHT Presenting a theme night for the second straight time, Madlins put on a spoken word night this time for Temecula, CA. Although long a planned project, springing a hip-hop night in Trendy Temec seemed too Compton for yuppie Ville. The powers-that-be at Full Value Entertainment always gave it a lets think about it vote when it would come up for discussion. However, after sampling MECHANIZM once or twice and seeing no increase in wrought iron front doors, 1/29/05 was chosen to be the first all hip-hop night. The next hip-hop night is scheduled for 3/26/05. SET 4 MISGUIDED POETS Combining politics and girls and raps about each, was the Temecula based group MISGUIDED POETS, made up of ELEMENT ONE, in a red T bearing the likeness of Jimi Hendricks; PROFISIZED STORM, doing most lead raps; JS FREE, sporting a denim shirt; DERISION, in a South Pole T; the black Td JESTER; the white hoodie wearing SPYDAMANN, and a real scratcher, DJ WRECKED-EM. Although the crowd faces changed, the size did not as a nice gathering of fans, friends, family, and outsiders got to hear a full-on RAP ASSAULT to the ears and minds, delivered with a sense of style and humor. The crew served JESTER, who spat out a lightning fast rap without any scratches or sampling, to answer any doubts that he got soft while in the 619 (the area code of San Diego). JESTER also did a rap about a girl in his High School that he has an eye on. DJ WRECKED-EM, though using only 1 turntable with a CD mini system, was the most creative on DJ work and had the hometown crowds little kids dancing to the rap beat. PT ROTHSCHILD check out FULLVALUEENTERTAINMENT.com for performance dates and reviews.
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