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Camp Loco
Camp Loco
Tertnes, Norway
July 13, 2004
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Band/artist history
SINISTER KING (p.k.a. Camp Loco) The SINISTER KING band (previously known as Camp Loco) was born in March 2004 with the arrival of singer Rune. Finally, what was previously only known as an instrumental trio could start its new life as a full blown four-piece band. Immediately Frode (drums), Thor (bass), Jossi (guitars) and Rune (vocals) began the process of adding vocals and lyrics to a big library of killer riffs and writing brand new hard hitting material. This soon resulted in the first demo track titled 'Ocean'. Just over seven minutes long the song is loaded with heavy riffs, great vocal melodies and progressive elements, which should keep the listener hooked all the way through. The spotlight landed on Camp Loco with the second demo song release 'Blue City'. The fall 2004 the band entered a record deal contest hosted by the national broadcaster NRK2. The TV show 'Blender - Metal' was searching for the "next big thing" amongst up and coming Norwegian metal bands. Finishing top three in the competition, only a few sms-votes short, Camp Loco reached the semi-final and performed the song on air on 25. November. SINISTER KING is based in the city of Bergen, situated on the west coast of Norway. The music may be described as heavy, progressive, melodic, metal rock. From 2005 to 2009 Camp Loco have played several live shows in both Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo. Early spring 2009 Camp Loco decided to participate in the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle 2009. The band first had to qualifiy for the Bergen final, which they did in the semi final on the 12th of March. Two days later the guys played in the Bergen final, and a jury made up by music journalists together with the audience were to decide the winners. Camp Loco won the final and represented Bergen in the Norwegian final of Metal Battle 2009, where they finished top 5. The guys are now working on new material and late spring 2010 SINISTER KING will record their debut album.
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