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John Jazz Guitar Stuff
John Jazz Guitar Stuff
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John Dierckx Jazz Guitar New Zealand Christchurch
This page is not meant as professional page to present myself, rather to share ideas with fellow musicians. Uploaded songs are mostly practice and therefore do not mind a wrong note here and there. Most of the duo stuff will be removed from here in the coming months and placed on a new site URL www.soundclick.com/johndierckxduorecordings. Also check out www.soundclick.com/johndierckxsolojazzguitar This is the page where I post my latest solo jazz guitar efforts. www.soundclick.com/johndierckxduorecordings www.bandsforhire.co.nz/john_dierckx www.soundclick.com/johndierckxtherestofthestuff www.soundclick.com/johncastellainandjohndierckx or just search for the many pages of John Castellain here at soundclick. Anotherone to recommend is Robbi Spencer, he's goit a lot of great music out here. Also check out regularly www.soundclick.com/johnandrobbijamz, or collob page out here. Also try Dan Papirany's site, one of New Zealands hidden treasures. www.soundclick.com/danpapirany www.soundclick.com/danpapiranysolo Read Dan's readworthy article on Bill Evans playing at http://www.geocities.com/papdt/ Henk de Ligt's band Special Delivery can be found at http://www.special-d.info/ Check this out, this is truly unique and genuine music. For great material on practicing guitar check out www.guitar.co.nz, the website of Kevin Downing, author of the timemanagement bible for guitarplayers: The Secrets of Succesful Practicing for Guitarists. Have a look at the page of another friend of mine at http://www.jorgebarnet.com, located in Venezuela making great music. http://www.jasonwilcox.com. This site is Jason Wilcox' site a guitar player and friend from Christchurch New Zealand
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Anywhere I can in New Zealand. Also available for private tutoring.
Your musical influences
All the great jazz players, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Wynton Marsalis and Jazz Guitarists especially Joe Pass, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel, Klaus Flenter, Jimmy Bruno, Django Reinhardt, Stochelo Rosenberg. Then again I have also learned an incredible amount from guitar players like Stev Vai and Joe Satriani, Prince and other fantastic soul, funk R&B and rock/metal players. Simply too many to mention all. If anything, CARLOS SANTANA!!!! After hearing the Moonflower album foor the first times, I was sure of one thing. I would play either guitar or percussion. It tyrned out to be the last one.
What equipment do you use?
Aria Pro (jazz guitar), Ibanez Artist (semi accoustic), Ibanez SG (solid body), Yamaha Electric Acoustic Steel String, Canadian Brand Electric Acoustic classical guitar. Old Sessionette and a Laney for the acoustic guitars and an old keyboard amp
Anything else?
Hope you enjoy listening to the music here and also check out my other pages.
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