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An amalgamation of science, jungle, breakbeats, guitars, technology, bass, harmony, mad samples, me, and the world around me.
All Digi-riginal of course.
My name is Carl, Beeba and occasionally Apesoundscapes, predominantly Beeba though:) I am he, at present a lone vessel. I create my soundscapes due to a genuine desire and interest in sonic sculpting. I am driven by many factors including my love of distortion, harmony, beat production, bass and sample manipulation. All compositions appearing under 'Apesoundscapes' are Carl Best Digi-riginals...... "Well this is quite mad but I like it. Love the vocal. Actually this is a very cool and original track. The mix could do with a little more clarity but it seems to work. Nice one, I value originality above all else. I'll be checking out the rest of your tracks man." (Face Shaped Hole) J.P --Critics Corner, Bipolar.
Band/artist history
I have played guitar for the last 15 years and first began recording using an old Fostex 4 track in an experimental manner about 9 yrs ago. I have been recording in my current lab for the last 5 years. I have worked on many varied projects, soundtracks and conceptual ep's in the past and, well, I even done alright in a competion once...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hell yeah, proper buzz off it these days, anyone gotta gig for man, shout at me. At present I am in the process of amalgamating a group of like minded creatives for this very purpose.
Your musical influences
Musically my inspirations have covered large swathes of the sonic arts over the years. Start with a passion for writing and playing using six strings.( This encorporates over the years anything from Metallica to the Stone roses, Radiohead to Pantera and alot besides.) Then add a constant love and respect for hip hop and all things Ninja, Shadow or breakbeat related. Sprinkle all this over the fact that I've brokd out at many venues seeing the likes of Roni size, Grooverider and Ed rush. Mix all this up in a vessel called me, present a method of recording and I'll head off to remix the world via my psyche....
What equipment do you use?
Mac G4, Cubase 5.1, assorted Virtual instruments including Phatmatik,Yamaha cs1x, Fostex 4 Track, Coupla guitars ( 1 acoustic, 1 electric ),Electribe ER1, Wewa MP3/ Voice recorder, my vocal chords and brain.
Anything else?
If you've actually just read this and/ or listened to my stuff then a) Thanks.......and b) Voice an opinion, all gratefully received.
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