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Union Jacket
Union Jacket
8 Tracks
Union Jacket (Pop Rock) Alex Borges , Jose Valentin and Dave Meredith 2005. http://wwww.myspace.com/unionjacketalexborges , pop rock , classic rock
Band members:
Band/artist history
Alex O Borges: Hi, I'm Alex O. Borges an american-puertorican singer, I started writing songs at 18(I'm also a teacher, worked for Walmart and Im in the accounting bussiness) I had the chance to participate in a compilation "Hijos de Borinquen" a record made in the support for cancer in the island of Vieques. This record had the participation of some PR local bands like "Sol D'Menta", "Skapulario", "Rituales", "Manjar de los dioses" and others. I finished my first production in Spanish "Entre tu y yo" in 2002 but it was released later in 2003 as an independent record in P.R. "Dime" (Tell me), the promotion track, had some radio airplay in the west part of the island, specially in WAEL. 96.1 FM 96, no surprise everybody thought that I sounded like an european when most of people heard my song on the radio. That same year I started to work on what would be my first CD in English "My Word" that was never released commercially but became very important because the track "Fever" hit the ..2 spot at soundclick Rock charts for 4 weeks in a row and "Tell me" hit ..1 spot at the Pop chart for 2 weeks. After talking with friends and other people they ask me to do a covers songs and I ended doing a cover album: the best to do was to make covers of my influences like Prince, Def Leppard, U2, The cure, Bryan Adams, Aerosmith and many more. NOW LETS TALK ABOUT UNION JACKET new project: Alex O. Borges, Jose Valentin, Jaime Vazquez and Dave Meredith, we team up for a pop rock musical project. Union Jacket was formed in late 2004 when Dave "Mezzer" approached me to work on some songs together. In 2005 we made the first EP demo album titled "Beginnings" After that I started witting songs for an Union Jacket Spanish album titled "Codigo Universal" that has the track "te quiero, te extrao, te amo", which should be ready as a whole for 2006: With "Codigo Universal" we had a new member to the band, the bassist Jaime Vazquez... "Codigo Universal" will have a version in English TOO that is in process of production and we are working for a new record with brand new songs with a more hyper and rock attitude and experimenting with new sounds and styles... It has been a great experience working with Dave, Jose A Valentin and Jaime Vazquez, to us this just keep getting better and better. thx to all the faithful friends over the years for the amazing suppor and love... we will continue making good music. - Alex O Borges
Your musical influences
Many... but to name a few: U2, Sting, The Police, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Switchfoot, Doors, Led Zeppelin, Eminem, 2Pac, The Roots, Savage Garden, Madonna, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Alanis Morissette, Pink Floyd, Robert J Mutt Lange, Bon Jovi, Rob Draco Rosas, Max Martin...
What equipment do you use?
Sure and Audio-Technica mics, Gibson and Fender guitars - bass , Roland, Event, Art, Acid Pro, Logic, Fruity Loops and 2 keyboards (Yamaha&Technics).
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