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Progressive rock from Mars, filtered through Atlantis, India and ancient Egypt and sounding kinda like a fistfight between Jimi Hendrix and John McLaughlin at t
Under The Radar
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Yesterday Is Gone Now
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Sentimental Prison
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Blues for the Doctor
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Looking for music from the brand new album "Children Of A Foreign Faith"? The entire album is available here: http://www.soundclick.com/childrenofaforeignfaithanubisspire Go there NOW! Kathy Stewart Random Bullet Productions Imagine... Imagine falling asleep in a golden age. Not an age of majestic pyramids and incredible empires but rather an age where individuality and self expression was king. An age when MUSIC had the power to transform and transfix. When veritable demi-gods and Lizard-kings strode the world stage and forever changed the planet with nothing more than poetry, a smouldering Stratocaster or two and the sweet dream of a limitless future. Now imagine waking to find in it's place a world hopelessly diminished and shriveled. A world where the powers that be have fostered the negative, self absorbed and impotent notion that NOTHING matters and nothing lasts beyond your momentary attention span. A world of vapid attitude and hollow posturing, where the sheep think they're the leaders and the leaders take that carefully crafted illusion all the way to the bank. Where fashion dictates the ridiculing and complete disregard of the past. A world with collective selective amnesia, where the mere hint of that former glory brings terror to the puppetmasters and peer disrespect and condemnation. Now... imagine having a choice... to join the flock and cash in, playing the role of the piper even though you know the path leads only to the slaughterhouse door, OR... awaken, pick up where you left off and hope that there are still a few who can hear and understand. A few who have not been permanently deafened to the call of their own hearts and souls... Take them lightly at your own peril--- ANUBIS SPIRE is awake. Taken from BOOK 9-The church of the closed loop
Band/artist history
ANUBIS SPIRE was formed new years day 1998 after an chance jam session the night before. Made up of musical veterans who wanted to write and play music in the mid-seventies style of such bands as Led Zeppelin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc., the band set about melding it's various influences and adding a heavy dose of world and ethnic sounds and a modern twist to the mix. The debut CD-OLD LIONS(in the world of snarling sheep) was recorded in a barn, on an antiquated 8 track almost entirely LIVE! Anubis Spire has released nine more albums since then: BACK TO ABYDOS, CHILDREN OF A FOREIGN FAITH, LOST DISCOVERIES, ERRATTICA, BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES, SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE, DIVINING ROD, DOORWAYS, and WHITE CROW. They are currently recording their next album due fall 2019 or early spring 2020.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We only play benefit concerts to raise money to help in the battle to stamp out polecats.
Your musical influences
Page and Plant, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Hawkwind, Bill Nelson, The Beatles, The Flaming Lips, Albert Lee.
What equipment do you use?
The usual junk...but we also design and build our own twisted creations! Listen to 'WHIRLING TOWARD SHAMBALAH' to hear Bill's homebuilt ANUBITAR electric sitar thingy or 'GHOSTS OF KV5' to hear his the ANUBICUBE dual-stereo optical theremin. Buy the CD OLD LIONS or BACK TO ABYDOS to hear the guitar and bass effects designed and built by bass player (and certified crazy person) Tim Costley. To learn more about the ANUBITAR and ANUBICUBE, go to the homepage: AnubisSpire.com.
Anything else?
All our albums are available at CDBaby and every other cyber vendor in the known universe.
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