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AHL-i Nafs
AHL-i Nafs
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fusion of electronica, live looping, sax, electric guitar, and ethnic world jazz, percussion, voices and stringed instruments
Music of the spirit from the people of the spirit (Ahl-i Nafs). Mixing electronica, jazz improvisation, and voices and instruments from all over the world to create a musical blend that feeds the mind and the body.
Band/artist history
we came together through our mutual love of live looping and world musics-- we are all long time musicians making the music we've always heard in our heads for the first times. The last year has seen my son Lido become the band's chief soloist on saxes, celtic harp, piano, and accordian, as well as the recruitment of French Somali bassist Antony Bichon.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, clubs, cafes, concert halls, picnics, anywhere we can. Playing live is what it's all about.
Your musical influences
brian eno/david byrne "my life in the bush of ghosts"; bill laswell; jon hassell; 70s miles davis; toshinori kondo; don cherry; nils petter molvaer; jan garbarek; eivind aarset; bill frisell; michael brook; afro-celt sound system; deep forest; jah wobble; daniel lanois; banco de gaia; steve tibbetts; mercan dede; nusrat fateh ali khan; william s. burroughs; swans; ogun ekur
What equipment do you use?
oud, saz, dumbek, daf, frame drum, guitars, bouzouki, pocket trumpet, log drum, balafon, laptop, synths, saxes, harp, piano, organs
Anything else?
we do regular series presenting classic silent films with live improvised soundtracks all over the bay area and silicon valley. come see us at the brainwash cafe or stanford university. check out our acoustic folk jazz side project- Princes of Darkness and my ambient/experimental page Farewell23
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